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How to Prepare for TOEFL iBT

July 16, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 552

Here are some simple yet effective tips for TOEFL preparation. Follow these and you can surely do well in the test.


Is it tough to crack the TOEFL iBT if you belong to a non-native English speaking country? Well, I guess not. If you focus and concentrate, nothing can stop you from scoring over 110 out of 120 in TOEFL iBT. When you browse various educational forums, you see students post their scores and improvement suggestions. Well, all that surely helps in your preparation too. I took the test and got a great score in my first attempt too. Hence, here are some preparation tips for your standardized exam.

Focus and Consistency

The first important thing is to have focus. Concentrate on what you study and learn. There is absolutely no need to cram throughout the day. You need to learn the strategy and format. You can do well even by skimming through the reading comprehension. For me, it works even if I skip reading the passage and directly go for the questions. You can see the passage as you answer the questions. In addition, you can go back to the passage anytime you want.

Secondly, be consistent in your preparation. Take practice tests daily. Take your practice tests seriously. Keep a clock and timer as you do the test. This will help you remain calm during the actual test day. Use different books and CDs to practice listening and writing sections. Read as many TOEFL preparation books as you can-KAPLAN, Veritas or any other book on TOEFL. They all work well.

TOEFL Preparation- Practice Constantly

Keep 4-6 hours per day for your TOEFL preparation. Practice sitting constantly for three to four hours at a time. You usually get a ten-minute break but it is best to practice sitting in one place for long. Moreover, keep a time limit for your practice sessions. Listen to as many TOEFL audio CDs as you can. Try to write points as you hear the lecture or the audio. You should be able to write all relevant points that will help you answer the questions. You will hear the audio only once. Hence, you should practice to write faster. Use short forms and words. When you write the full word, you have less time. Hence, the text or SMS language will help here.

TOEFL Grammar Preparation

For the essay and writing section, you should be able to write with minimum errors in order to get a high score. Try to write short essays. Though the TOEFL essay word limit is 225 to 300, you can write more if you have time. I wrote quite a long essay and got good grades.

You can find the TOEFL essay topics online. There are 189 topics and if you have time, I advise you to read them all. Make your own points and think what you want to write. At times, you may not agree with the essays and may have better points. This is not bad at all. In TOEFL, they do not see if you are right or wrong, they give importance to the idea, clarity and grammar. You should write relevant content with good grammar.

Test Day TOEFL

On the test day, bring all your identity proofs- passport, license etc. and reach the center 35 minutes before the test. Wear comfortable and lose clothing. It is best to dress in layers. Switch off your phones and other mobile devices or else they can disqualify you if your phone rings amidst the exam.

Eat a light but energetic breakfast and do not drink too much water. You will get only 10 minutes break and this will seem to pass away quite quickly. You may not get any time for a snack or lunch. Hence, practice the same routine at home too. Of course, many of us do not feel hungry due to the tension and stress on exam day. Do not worry it is quite normal to feel stressful during the exam time.

Try these tips and you will surely do well in your standardized tests!


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