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Nokia 808 PureView in low light

July 16, 2012  by: Saritha  Points: 12   Category: New Product Release  Earning $0.60   Views: 490

The fact that Nokia 808 PureView is the most effective cameraphone money may get makes sure as shooting. This will not even pass for a word play here. The 41 megapixel sensing unit and also the tack-sharp optics provide exactly what no additional smartphone may match and we also saw it successfully stand its solid ground from much larger competition.


Nokia 808 PureView in low-light


The fact that Nokia 808 PureView is the most effective cameraphone money may get makes sure as shooting. This will not even pass for a word play here. The 41 megapixel sensing unit and also the tack-sharp optics provide exactly what no additional smartphone may match and we also saw it successfully stand its solid ground from much larger competition.

The Nokia 808 PureView is on its march to coming to be renowned, trashing the Olympus PEN E-PL2 Micro Four Thirds video camera in our blind examination and also at that point matching the Canon 5D Mark III for resolution at the same time.

Yet, both of those (granted, superb) success was available in examinations that really bet to the PureView's strengths. Strong lighting is where the multitude of little pixels can easily have the uppermost hand over less, if much larger, ones and all the samples we gave you so far were seized in superb problems.

It's far from certain whether the Nokia 808 will certainly keep its superb document as soon as darkness slips as well as noise begins to reveal its ugly face. We are directly there in the camping ground of the doubters too, so we had no other choice however placed the PureView through a series of tests as well as see its real truly worth.

We've the moment again procured a couple of top-notch competitors in the face of the Canon 550D and its APS-C sensing unit and the above mentioned Olympus E-PL2. The Galaxy S III is here as well, to put the performance of the cameraphone in suitable viewpoint.

Having discussed the pixel dimension of the 808 PureView, we feel we should make a crucial note here. Even though the 41MP sensing unit may lead you to think otherwise, the dimension of specific pixels isn't any kind of smaller than those of the Galaxy S III, or the apple iphone 4S. Nokia have placed a huge (by cameraphone standards anyhow) 1/1.2" sensor inside the PureView as well as there was no demand to visit extremes to achieve the mind-blowing resolution.

It's only when you examine the pixel dimension of the Nokia 808 PureView sensing unit to those inside the DSLR and Micro Four Thirds video cameras that you can easily call them small.

Presently, permit's slash to the chase and start with the shooting.

Flash exam

We start with the most common situation. All camera systems had their ISO configuration set to automated as well as flash was enabled. Each of the contenders was recorded in its max indigenous resolution, save for the Nokia 808, which appears twice on each collection of products - as soon as in its full-res 38MP method and also as soon as in the 8MP PureView mode we believe will definitely be most frequently used.

We put the subject regarding a meter as well as a half away from the video cameras, as we question several will certainly shoot such wide-angle lenses from a great deal greater distance. Right here go the products.

The Nokia 808 PureView placed its Xenon flash to wonderful usage, capturing an outstanding quantity of particular here. The native 38MP method did show some noise, however nothing we just can't cope with, while the 8MP PureView shot is simply impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S III swindled very a bunch there as it dropped its shutter speed to 1/15 which, incorporated with a LED flash, enabled it to maintain the ISO at 200 just. Nevertheless in real-life circumstances (when you don't have a tri-pod like we did) photos recorded at this kind of shutter rates are specific to come out obscured due to camera shake usually.

However even if we think that every Galaxy S III manager is a seasoned shooter with an incredibly steady hand, its end product is still no place near the PureView standards.

As for the two large-sensor video cameras, the Canon 550D decided to underpower its flash and shoot at ISO 400, falling short to match the 808 PureView. The Olympus E-PL2 did better as well as nearly matched the Nokia smartphone in regards to settled particular, however its image came out with very bad comparison, which indicates the Finn obtained the very first earn for today.

No flash exam

For the next examination we turned off the flash units to acquire them out of the formula. That's scarcely visiting be as recurring a situation as the previous one, but it was an excellent way of checking the 808 PureView performance in those situations when flash use is simply unproductive - i.e. when shooting yards or when the subject is reflective and also the flash will definitely ruin things.

Here go the 2 set of crops from the two pictures we caught.

Impressive, isn't it? The Nokia 808 in 38MP method has the most precise end product as well as also its 8MP PureView mode revealed very a great deal of great information. Provided, when utilizing 38MP approach the Nokia smartphone pictures appear the noisiest, however it's the less bothersome luminance noise, instead of the color scheme patches that prevail over the low-light chances of additional smartphones and also didgicams.

With the very first chance the Nokia 808 PureView kept the shutter rate at the reasonably uncomplicated to manage 1/25, yet it did go the Samsung method with the 2nd image as well as dropped to 1/16. The Canon 550D DSLR camera stuck with 1/30, which need to ordinarily enable you to grab sharp pictures at this central length if the subject really isn't moving while the Olympus decided on 1/50 and 1/60 configurations, which are specific to prevent camera shake and also motion blur on a lot of celebrations. However the higher shutter speeds of the Olympus camera system indicated that it needed to go for a greater ISO configuration, which certainly took its toll on the image quality.

Remember that the 2 cameraphones have the luxury of utilizing brighter lenses right here - the 808 PureView F/2.4 and the Galaxy S3 F/2.6 apertures enable them to keep their ISO reduced for the same shutter speeds compared with the F/3.5 set lens we had on the Canon as well as the Olympus.


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