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Importance of Playing Outdoor Games

July 17, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 787

It is very important for children''''s to play outdoor games though in present times, it has changed as children do not like to play outdoor games which is really disturbing


Olden Day Children

Children were so much active in olden day's as they used to remain outdoor most of the times playing all sorts of games which made them physical active and also smarter enough. But these day's, children don't like to play outdoor games as they like to remain inside the house watching TV, playing video games, browsing etc. There are so many children who are actually overweight now because of all these reduced activities and also because of the parents who like to feed them more than the limit.The children do not get proper exercise by staying indoor and over that this over eating practice makes them gain more
weight which is bad and many children have already been reported with many diseases by eating more and also loving junk foods. Children love fast foods more than anything now, which is not at all good for their health. Eating junk food and not getting proper physical exercise will be worse for children at nay time which the don't understand at their young age

Responsibility of The Parents

There are large number of people who are aware of health hazards in this present times and get involved in various activities like exercise, morning walk, playing etc. But at the same time when children not aware of these health hazards or when they neglect these important things, it is always parents responsibility to see their children get proper exercise by making them play outdoor games and eat healthy foods. Parents have to take out precious time for their children to see them in proper healthy conditions. When children don't understand or neglect some of the important things of life, parents should always be there to take their children in the right path of life or else this will effect them very badly in the long run for sure. It is high time now that parents realize all these and take initiatives at the earliest. There are many parents now who don't have any time for their children because of their work pressure which is really bad as they themselves don't understand the consequences of not giving proper time for their children which might result in very bad results in the long run for sure

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/23/2012    Points:6    

For everyone and every age playing outdoor hands is more effective to there health. It is also like an exercise mostly playing football is the best outdoor game that act like an exercise which will boost your energy and confidence. When we playing a game or doing a hard work or exercise we feel a positive mind from over heart. And it always help us to struggle to anything. Most of the people didn''t get much time for exercises or don''t interested in it. So the doctor says he he is not interested in exercise then he can play a favourite oven game which act as like an exercise. Children always likes to play outdoor games. So we can see most of the playing children are more healthy and fit. So exercise is more essential to our day to day life.

Nice article and good topic selection. Keep it up.

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