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Best jobs for teens during summer vacations

July 20, 2012  by: Mohamadi Quadri  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.65   Views: 729

This article discuses a few job ideas for teens in their vacations.


Teenage is said to be the turning point in a man’s life. Teenage decides what the boy/girl will be in the future. If he/she adopts good manners and learns time management, it would impact excellent effect on the whole life.

The holidays for teenagers are times where there are chances of falling into bad friends and cultivating bad habits. Hence, this time should be properly utilized. Engaging self in doing some job is the best solution, where one can earn and learn many things.

Some best job ideas for teenagers during vacations:

Summer classes

It is easy to start classes at home. It can be English, Science or Mathematics tutorial classes. Most of the children are weak in Science and Mathematics. Parents want to improve their children in vacations. You have a chance to take classes for them.

Internet centers

Many of the Internet centers require people to work with moderate pay. They want a person to maintain log register in the Internet center. You can try to get this job through your friends who have little experience and contact of such Internet centers.

Computer hardware

As there is more demand for computer knowledge nowadays. It is necessary to get some computer knowledge. You can work at a computer hardware shop, which sells and repair computers. In these shops, you will be able to get knowledge of computers. You can join them in repairing computers and learn a lot from them.

Juice stall

There is a great demand for cold juices and ice creams in the summer. You and your friends together can open a small stall in public areas. You can buy fruits, ice cream powder and flavor essences from wholesale shops and start making good stuff out of it.

Craft classes

In summer vacations, children are eager to learn some craft. If you are good in craft, start teaching it. Some craft ideas like stitching, making dolls, etc. are pretty nice one. You can also take help from some experts and share your experience with the kids.

Dance classes

Few Parents have a passion towards music and dance, and they want to make their kids to learn and develop interest. Holidays are the best time for this job. Start the classes with kids in your colony.

Courier services

Many courier services, require someone to carry the parcels from office to destination address. You can find the vacancy and join to carry parcels. It is an interesting job where you will get an opportunity to roam across.

Posters and banners

Many people want to advertise through posters and banners. They need people to put posters on walls like movie posters or advertisement of products. This is also a nice job for summer.

Selling products

Many people at home are doing small business of selling clothes, accessories, etc. There are many small-scale industries making products. You can work as sales executive and earn commission. At the end, you will explore that you have learned the art of selling the products and also developed a quite large number of contacts among people.

Baby classes

Children often cry on their first day to school. If they are trained, before going to school, they will be happy. You can open up baby classes and train the children who are going to be admitted to schools. Some schools give training to newly admitted children in school vacations. You can join them if there is a vacancy to assist the teachers.

No job is small or big. Every job gives you some experience, knowledge and exposure. It gives you chance to interact with different type of people. “Work is worship” and “time is precious”. Hence, you can use time and gain a lot from it. You will also be physically fit by doing work.


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