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Earning Tips for Blogging

July 20, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.50   Views: 1088

Start generating revenue using your blog traffic. Blogging is good for multipurpose. We can share our skills, knowledge and many more with our blog viewers using blogging


Blogging is good for multipurpose. We can share our skills, knowledge and many more with our blog viewers using blogging. So it is having many benefits. Earning is also one of the benefits from this blogging. Yes with our blogging we can earn extra income by many ways. Let’s talk about them in this article.

We used to share lots of important and good information on our blog. For information seekers always visit our blog to get that information. Now we can also earn extra income from our blog using traffic of our blog. Yes there are few ways using which we can start earning with our blog too. So if we having a good blog and good traffic on it then we should surely think about it, I mean what is wrong in getting such passive income. Just make a good use of traffic on your blog and get some income. How can we earn from blogging, here are few ways.

Join ad publishing program:
You can join ad publishing program like adsense. Adsense is program where you can join them and they will give you a piece of code which you need to put on your blog where you want to show their ads. With that code you will found Google Ads on your blog on place where you put that code. If you don’t know how to put that code on your blog, then just take html widget and paste that ad code in that widget and publish it. You can also paste that ad code inside your blog post and then those ads will be available within your post. Now how your will earn using it? Whenever any viewers visit your blog and click those ads, you will earn revenue. So each time you get click you will earn. Those ads will be related with your blog content so you can get those clicks more easily. I mean interested people will surely click on it.

So this is how you can earn with such ad program. There are many ad programs like adsense available. But I think adsense is best among then which is giving best revenue in compare of other sites. So it is better you start with it.

Join some affiliate Program:
Well using such sites you can earn surely more and big. For example, Sites like Ebay and Amazon are providing such affiliate program. These sites are related to online shopping. After joining such program you have to promote their products on your blog or site. Now suppose someone has purchased one product using your blog. By this way you will get commission for selling that product directly from that site. And it can be really big depending on product got sold. So you can put list of product related to your blog content, so it can increase the chance of selling. I mean suppose your blog is all about computers, then you can put products like computers and laptop, and if one of your viewer buy that product using your blog you can earn big.

Put contact detail on your blog:
Many people will say that how can we earn by putting our contact details on blog. Well, it is important and it can help us to earn indirectly. I mean daily you are getting viewers on your blog which are interested in your content. Now if someone interested in advertising on your blog, then they can contact you with that contact detail. So like this way advertisers can easily contact you if they are interested in your site for their advertising. So never forget to add such detail on your blog.

Put your site ranking:
You also need to put your site ranking like Alexa traffic ranking and google page ranking on about us page. Like this way advertisers will able to know that how much your site is famous in compare of other sites. So if your blog is doing good then don’t forget to put such things which describe how much your blog is good. This can surely attract the advertisers and they will contact you soon for advertising purpose. Like this way you can get direct advertisers for your blog, I mean no need to share revenue with anyone. You can directly earn all income for you with such advertisers.

So blogging have many good ways. We can do many good things using it and one of them is making money. And if we having good amount of viewers for our blog, then why not to take advantage of it, and start making extra money for us. It can give you good income for sure if you having good viewers on your site. More traffic means more earnings. There are many good ways available using it we can start making money with help of our blog. These are general and quite popular method which I have mentioned. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/26/2012    Points:6    

Blogging is now become a good way to earn income from online. If anyone has an approved google adsence account he or she can earn directly from the google by writing articles in the blog and make traffic. Blog is also very usefull for affiliating market and other advertising way. Earn from blog is quit simple and the pay is also some what good. About millions of internet users are using blogger.com for writing and posting. Some sites help up to earn money by making there website traffic from our blog. And also by affiliating market many online users earn profits by selling there products or other companies product and earn from that products commision as a refferer which is also a very good way to earn from internet. Many of them are earning from this also.

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