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A Man Who Saved a Boys Life

July 20, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 661

The terrific scene of a boy drowning in a beach and others shouting f or help was really horrifying scene as i was just standing at a little distance from the incident


Children Enjoying Holiday

It was a pretty ordinary day when i saw a group of students enjoying in the beach. I did talk to one of the boys in that group and came to know that they were all students of far away college who had come by bus to this beach to enjoy their holiday. It was good to see them enjoy there playing around. They had all sorts of games to play and they also had carried food. With around 40-45 members in their group, it was real fun to watch them play around as i could see them shouting at each other. There were also some girls in that group, but lesser in number and may be around 101-12 members. Usually beach will be crowded during public holiday's , but strangely this day being a holiday three was not much crowd and this group was very much an main attraction to all of them in the beach. I also did enjoy watching them and thought of spending some quality time here and sat at a little distance from them. Their teachers have also accompanied them and were also completely involved in playing with them

Shocking Scene of Boy Drowning in Beach

Girls were playing in a different batch as around 20-25 boys along with teachers weer playing together. I could see remaining 4-5 students enjoying in beach water. The climate was very cool then with nice breeze blowing around a sit was a very nice time to spend time in beach. Suddenly i heard someone shouting for help and what i saw was shocking as one of the boys who was playing with 4-5 students in beach water had gone to far distance and was in trouble as others were just shouting for help. He was trying hard to come back, but it just seemed like a desperate effort. Now all the college students with teachers were just shouting a sit was impossible for anyone of them to go so deep and rescue that boy. It was horrifying scene and suddenly one guy came running from there and jumped into water. He was one of the rescue squad in that beach .Finally after some 10-15 minutes , this guy pulled that boy to safety. Even then when we all saw that boy was not responding at all, we thought like his life is in danger. But after this rescuer made him omit those water that he drank while drowning, he slowly got up. Though it was a horrible incident, everything ended good. Everybody thanked this rescuer there. It was really a
brilliant effort from him to rescue this boy

Author: Nupur        
Posted Date: 07/25/2012    Points:2    

It was a scary episode on the beach. Beaches can be very dangerous even if one is a good swimmer ! Tourists should always be careful. Life guards are the real Hero. I salute to the rescue squad for saving the boy.

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