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Personal Care and Household Tips !

July 20, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1299

Some useful tips that help us organise our lives better and get the maximum out of what is available to us ...


Here are some useful and easy tips that help you in your personal care and also help you in organising and maintaining your home ..

Taking care of your hair

1,To get an extra glow and sheen to your hair try the folowing treatment - Beat an egg yolk with a teaspoonful of Olive oil and and a spoonful of home made yogurt. When the mixture is smooth and well mixed apply it all over your scalp and hair, taking care to apply into the roots. Leave it on for half an hour and shampoo and condition.Your are bound to notice the difference in texture !

2, The best and the simplest treatment for hair is the hot coconut oil massage followed by a hot towel wrap and shamppoing after 45 minutes.Try to use virgin coconut oil made from fresh coconut kernels , if possible locally made since it will not have any added perfume, since it is richer in anti oxidants..

Sleep is the best beauty treatment

Going to bed early is still the best beauty treatment one can have . Sleep is one of the best recipes for a radiant skin and also keep you i good mood, which in turn gives you that extra glow.Try to take a short nap when you feel drained and have not had enough sleep the previous night, but try not to nap for a long time ,instead go to bed early !An individual must have at least 7 hours of sleep each night to remain fit and energetic! However , there are some genuine reasons that deprive a person of getting the required amount of sleep !

Fighting Insomnia

Insomnia is a state , when a person has difficulty in falling asleep at night or has disturbed sleep which leaves one drained of energy and feel tired all day long.It is likely that when you have insomnia you may fall asleep during the day and wake up several times during the night.One needs to take precautions to see that it does not get out of hand.The likely causes may include the following :

1, Not going to bed at the same time each night
2, Not getting enough exercise during the day
3, Having Coffee or Tea late in the evening or at night
4, Eating a heavy oil rich meal
5, Suffering from continued stress or anxiety

What can be done

a, Sleep at the same time each night and try to relax before going to bed.
b, Make sure that your bed is comfortable and you are not stressed about anything.
c, Eat a light meal at least 3 or 4 hours before sleeping.
d, You can take a sleeping pill or a mild sedative on doctors prescription until a sleep pattern is established ..

Some household tips

Have a picnic in your backyard

You dont need fancy furniture to be able to take advantage of the weather .Make outdoor entertaining fun with a few easy ideas.Create a makeshift picnic table , even a wooden board placed on a few stones or wooden logs would do.Make sure that it is stable and cover it with an attractive table cloth and place the food on it.Use lightweight plastic chairs or stools for seating ,or spread a dhrrie on the grass ...

Let your child's creativity flow

Give them space and opportunity to do so.Get your carpenter to make a black board which you can put up on the wall at a convenient height.Now let your child scribble to her/his hearts content and as the children grow older they may use the space for sketching or writing messages,jot down thoughts and reminders about home work or school work...

Dont throw your child's Art work

Children are quite possessive about their work and feel happy when parents and others appreciate it . So, dont throw your children's art work,instead encourage them to preserve it , by sticking it on a cardboard and make colorful frame by using shells , pieces of colorful straws ,sticks or any other scrap material and display it on the walls in their room.

Get more out of your cupboard or wardrobe

When you live in a small house and have to make use of every little corner , you need to come up with some innovative ideas to make life easier and more comfortable .The outside of our cup board and wardrobe doors can hold a lot. Get a good carpenter to fix some hooks on which you can hang your handbags,belts and other knick knacks that you use frequently. Also get a cloth hold- all , made with multiple pockets that can be hung on the door.You can keep hand kerchiefs , scarves,socks..

Delight in Order

Most people feel that a home is a place where they can do what they want and that there is delight in disorder.But there is even more delight in an orderly home since it gives out positive energy.So, take an impartial look around and make sure that your home,office or garden is well organized and not neglected and an eye sore however much you may delight in it ..

Plan a study room for your children

Space constraint makes it impossible these days to have luxuries like an independent study, and many people use their dining table as their study table. However, with a bit of imagination and planning one can utilise any extra cupboard in the bedroom or hall to create a compact workspace . You can get your carpenter or if you are good at DIY jobs it is easy to create a few shelf and a set of drawers that can be placed according to your convenience to store your files,folders and reference books . You can place your computer laptop on the middle shelf, also have a space for a stool or a chair that can be pushed in while not in use.The best part about this is that you can literally shut out your work space when not in use.

For those who love stitching ,knitting and painting

When you are interested in creative art form, it is imperative to have a work space even if it is a small corner or just a drawer .Keep all your supplies well within your reach in one place, in separate boxes and plastic containers .Try to make use of all items that can be recycled from within your home and kitchen.


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