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Severe Headaches - Some useful Tips !

July 24, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1245

You have to realise that every kind of headache has a reason and it is very essential to go to the root of the matter and try to find out the reason. It is absolutely essential to know why you get it and find a permanent remedy to it ...


We see many people suffering from severe headaches and doing all sorts of things to get rid of it. Normally fatigue, sleeplessness and stress are known to cause headache when there is no other major health complication.

Some people have Migraine headaches which become a constant feature in their lives and they do nothing about it , thinking that there is no cure for it. But you have to realize that every kind of headache has a reason and it is very essential to go to the root of the matter and try to find out the reason. It is absolutely essential to know why you get it and find a permanent remedy to it otherwise it may lead to some other complications and before you realize it the condition may become serious and beyond cure ! There are many people suffering from severe headaches and go through every kind of treatment ,only to find that they have deficiency in their vision and that’s what was the root cause of the headache.So, once they go in for a pair of corrective glasses their headache is bound to disappear !

Most cases of headaches can be either due to stress,lack of sleep or over work or fatigue . It can also be due to high Blood Pressure or other health related matters or it can be due to some internal growth as well. So it is always better to analyze and see why we are suffering from headache and take proper medication. .Most headaches that come with day today stress and other minor problems tend to go away once the stress gets released or through simple over the counter medication or simply by taking a long walk .

Lack of water in our system is also a cause for headache which is bound to affect the bodily functions and nervous system . That's why water is considered to be most essential for our system. Eating healthy balanced meals , doing regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is sure to make us feel fit and I am sure it also helps in keeping most minor ailments like headaches and body aches at bay ! Meditation is also very helpful in relieving stress .Exercise is also very helpful in improving the metabolism and generally making a person healthier.

But when headache becomes a chronic feature ,then it also becomes a cause for concern, worry and needs to be looked into by a specialist !

When the headache is severe but not chronic and you know that it is the result of either stress,lack of sleep or fatigue you can go in for any of the following measures , one of which is bound to give you relief !

Some useful Tips

1, The less medication one takes the better since headaches come frequently .But there are times when you have to take medication when it is severe and makes you feel ill and weak . One can take any of the prescribed tablets that are available at medical stores if the headache is very severe !One should remember to drink lots of water and take a balanced meal while taking any kind of medication.

2, Acu pressure - I personally find acu pressure very helpful. Just pressing the nerve endings on the forehead with our finger tips relieves the pressure and the headache is gone in minutes.You have to proble either side of your forehead with your fingers and press hard on the nerve ends until the pressure gets released and the headache vanishes in a matter of seconds. Besides , it is cost free and has no side effects like medication and is very effective.

3, A hot oil massage on the scalp and also forehead helps a lot. Head massage with herbal oils is very soothing and a hot bath would definitely help in reducing or even completely getting rid of your headache.In fact, oil massage is good for the entire body,it rejuvenates and energizes a person.

4, Yoga is of course very helpful and so is deep breathing. Yoga definitely helps not only in getting rid of the headache but also improves your general health. Deep breathing or Pranayama is especially helpful in getting rid of headaches .

5, Taking a short nap lying on a comfortable bed with some soothing music ,with a cold towel on the forehead can also help in reducing a severe headache. Make sure that you dont dwell on any unpleasant issues which is only going to disturb you and increase your headache.

6, Some headaches are stress related .In fact stress is one of the main reason why we get headache and some times related ailments like high BP can make it worse.It is better to be consistent in ones medication when you have high BP and also do some regular exercise to keep the BP level in check.

7, Certain other types of headaches are psychosomatic that is related to both the mind , manifesting itself into an ailment of the body.It is can be related to some memory that is connected to a certain place or even flashes of a memory which creates tension in them and brings on a headache. Psychologists suggest self analysis , where the person analyses the entire issue or memory going through every details and reliving the stressful details connected to the particular incident,memory or place.This exercise is bound to be the solution and the person normally gets cured !

8, One can also get severe headaches when you are exposed to sun for a long time .You may have to take medication for that and rest for a while which normally helps when you suffer from any kind of headache .

Other than that one can get rid of headaches that one gets due to lack of sleep and fatigue by doing some deep breathing exercise taking care to exhale deeply , and taking plenty of fluids and well deserved rest or a couple of hours of sleep.


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