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How to get relief from hip pain?

July 25, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 1104

Hip pains are very common these days. The applications of products that you see in advertisements may bring in a temporary relief but the problem actually exists. This article would brief you what you need to do in such a scenario.


Hip pain

People and pain are the two words that are very much interrelated these days. The part and parcel of daily living, the rat race, lack of time for recreation and business in our daily life has left us in the midway in the streams of physical pains. Out of the pains that we are very much familiar and associated with in our present life hip pains deserve a special mention. This is so because now-a-days pains in the hips have become a topic of topicality as people are globally found to be affected with it. To be precise pain in the hips are associated with a particular reason. It can happen because of a muscle injury or because of an injury in the spinal cord, nerves, joints, bones, blood vessels etc. Even the pain in the chest and lower tummy could result in hip pain. Therefore it is always advisable to take the help of a doctor for proper diagnosis of the problem.

What should be done?

*. You need to avoid activities that put too much pressure on your hips. When the pain subsides you may do things that you do normally.

*. Make sure to place a pillow under your knee when sleeping on a bed.

*. There is hardly any well designed exercise which may give you relief from hip pain but this does not mean that exercise does not do any good in such a scenario. In fact, those who suffer from chronic hip pain exercises do help a lot. This helps them to get back to normalcy.

*. Do not take regular pain killers because they do not do any good in such a case. The pain killers may give rise to gastrointestinal bleeding. Therefore, medicines should be taken only after proper discussion of your problems with your doctor.

*. Hot compress does help bringing in a temporary relief from the problem but this does not help in the long run.

*. People often take hot or cold compress to get relief from the problem. Though medically it does not have any benefit but then there is no harm in it. You need to make sure that you do not apply too much hot or cold compress on the body.

*. Some experts even advice to take bed rest but it often leads to other problems like depression etc. It also affects the toning of hip muscles. Maximum of 48 hours could only be spent sleeping on a bed.

Some other useful ways to get relief from hip pain

There are certain things that can be done to get relief from hip pains naturally without going for any medications. Really, these are very handy if the pain is not of serious type and could be managed by following some basics in our day to day life. Here is a list of things that one can do to get a sigh of relief from hip pains which are as mentioned below:

Apply ice-packs – An ice-pack is nothing but a plastic bag filled with ice-cubes. You may apply ice-packs to the areas where you feel the pain around your hip and this would bring you a great relief. You need to do this around 5 to 7 minutes everyday.

Doing free hand exercises – Doing free hand light exercises could also bring in relief if you do it regularly. Walking regularly is also a good exercise. Stretch exercises would also give you much relief if you do it with proper procedures. Do those stretching exercises that could bring in a lot of good to your back and knees. Swimming and massaging also comes in the category of stretching exercises but make sure not to overdo it.

Doing water aerobic exercises —Doing exercises in water or water aerobic exercises also helps a lot. This is done under the supervision of a physical trainer near a water body (ponds, lakes, swimming pools etc.). The good thing about these exercises is that it helps in strengthening of your bones without putting too much pressure on them. It is helpful for all the age groups.


**. Do not lift heavy weights but then if you cannot avoid it then do it methodically. Keep your hip straight and bend your knees so that the pressure of the weight falls directly on your knees. Make sure to keep the object which you are lifting close to your body.

**. Avoid soft beds but it is also advisable to avoid too hard beds. If necessary place a ply over or under your bed mattress.

**. Try to stand as erect as possible when you are standing or else your hips will be the most affected due to the wrong posture of the body.

**. While doing desk work sit on a chair that could provide better support to the lumber or the lower region of your hip. While driving make it mandatory to place an extra support on your back.

**. Do those exercises that could bring you a relief from hip pain. Inhale air from your nose and try to pull the pelvis muscle inside. By practicing this regularly you can make your pelvis stronger and get some relief from hip pain. Stretching is also a very good exercise for hip pain.


Hip pains can arise because of many reasons. It could happen because of aging, over use of hip bones in your day to day life or because of certain diseases like arthritis. Before going for any treatment procedures it is always advisable to find out the reason behind the cause of hip pain. There are also no clear symptoms of hip pains and sometimes you may find your thighs, knees or adjoining areas of hips to be affected with a pain. Sometimes even experts and doctors take a long time to detect properly the reason behind a particular hip pain. They need to study your case history properly to arrive to a conclusion.


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