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How to maintain a long, slim and beautiful neck

July 26, 2012  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1040

A long, slim neck looks pretty when maintained in a proper way. A well kept neck adds beauty and glamour to the personality. This article will explain how neck can be kept long, slim and beautiful. It will highlight some good neck-exercises.


Accessories when worn by a pretty woman with a long and a slim neck not only grabs attention but enhances her feminine charm and makes her look awesome. If you have got a long neck maintain it and give a great look to your personality. Women work very hard and at times they do not find much time for themselves, this result in a darkened neck! There are many who get upset and buy polo necked dresses or T-shirts to hide their neck. Some even try to hide it with a scarf! This gives a peculiar look to the entire personality. These are times when the neck gets darkened and looks clumsy. It does not take hours to help your neck look cool and maintained, just a few minutes from the busy schedule will help you show off your beautiful long neck. Here are few ways that will help you get rid of your problem:

  • Some woman may have skin darkening in certain areas of the neck. It can be due to sun-burns and neglect. While going outdoors do not forget to apply a good quality sun screen lotion not only on your face but also on your neck.

  • Skin pigmentation may be seen in woman who are in the child bearing age. It is due to the hormonal changes. This type of skin darkening goes away after delivery of the baby.

  • Skin rashes also leave darkened areas on the neck. These rashes may be as a result of allergies. Skin rashes should not be left neglected. Consultation with a skin specialist, application of proper ointments and use of oral medications can cure these darkened areas.

  • Many times dark necks are as a result of improper cleanliness and hygiene. It is better to take bath regularly and use proper medicated soap or lotions for cleaning

  • After having a good shower. A home-made paste should be applied on the neck and gently removed after 40-45 minutes. This will add glam to the neck. Home–made paste should include, 1 tablespoon of yoghurt with a pinch of turmeric and a little whole grain powder. It should be mixed well to form a semi-solid paste.

  • A piece of lemon when rubbed gently on the neck before a shower, acts like a bleaching agent and removes all pigmented areas of the neck. This should be done regularly to get effective result.

  • To avoid double chin and to have a slim neck, neck exercises or yoga’s should be done. Neck exercise - The neck should be slowly moved forward to touch the front of the chest and then backwards. Similarly it should be moved slowly on the right and then on the left side. After that the neck should be moved once in the clockwise and then in the anti-clockwise direction. If this exercise is done regularly for 30-40 minutes, it will not only help to maintain a long slim neck but also give much relieve from any neck ailment.

  • Diet is also important to maintain a healthy and a slim neck. Oily and junk food should be avoided. More stress should be given on substantial home–made food, lean meat, dairy products, nuts, berries, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Little effort, positive mind-set, wise-diet, regularity of exercises, self care and cleanliness will make you proud of your personality. Follow the help tips suggested and have a happy, confident and a successful lifestyle.


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