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How to live a happy married life ?

July 19, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1423

Many couples have arguments and fights in their married life and they never live happily together . This article is regarding how to live a happy married life.


All the people keep thinking of having a very happy life after marriage and having their partner always with them and supporting them may be in both happy and sad moments. But all couples do not live happily after marriage . For some couples it is very hard to understand the behaviour of each and they also fail to trust and have belief in each other which results in arguments and fights and they never live happily together as such arguments and fights keeps happening between them quite often.

Understanding the behaviour of the partner .

For living a happy married life it is must that there must be a understanding between the couple and one should understand that both of them may have certain different kind of behaviour and some times their thinking may be different regarding something and you need to try to avoid doing arguments with your partner on such situations when you have different thinking and your opinions are different.

Spending time together .

For having a happy married life it is must that one should care for his partner and should be able to spend time with the partner So that loves between them never gets less. Many a times it have been seen that problem happens in a married life when the husband stays busy in work and couldn't devote time to spend with his wife . In such cases when the partner is not able to spend time or go out with his partner and enjoy life then loves starts to fade between the partners and there are less talks between them. In a married life it it must that one must spend time with the partner and spend same moments of joy and pleasure together.

Giving freedom to the partner and not interfering much .

One thing that is much required to have a happy married life is giving little bit freedom to their partner as it is many times seen that arguments happen between couples when one of them tried to interfere a lot in others life and wants to know everything about what does his partner do in the whole day . Arguments happen between couple when a wife starts asking her husband questions like why did you went without telling me ? , whom did you meet today? ,why are you so late ? . When such questions are asked always then one thinks that his partner interfering a lot in his life and he starts to talk less with his partner to avoid answering all such questions.

Forgiving each other .

One of the important thing that is to be kept in mind to keep a happy married life going is forgiving each other. As there is so much love between a couple there are many arguments also which show their love for each other. One should know that such things will keep happening and one needs to forgive his partner when any arguments happen. One should understand that life is so short and they shouldn't stay without talking to the one they love so it is must to forgive each other when their is any argument and talk to sort it out .

Avoid to talk anything bad about the family of the partner .

One of the another important thing to keep in mind for a couple is that they should treat the family of each other as their own family and they should never say anything bad about each other's family as your partner may love you more then their family but still the love and respect for their family will stay with them forever. Many times arguments happen between couple when one of them talks something bad about the family of other and thats why it is much better to do not talk anything about family of each other in a married life.

Hope that such small things which I have mentioned in my article helps some couples and they will have a happy married life .

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 07/20/2010    Points:1    

Hi very nice. If you add some images it will be so fine.

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