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List of few important software

July 26, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.50   Views: 1322

List of some cool software which can be helpful to you for your daily task on computer.


Computer is now not the special or unknown thing for this world. It is now most common thing which people use it almost daily. It is being used for professional and personal work. Now many times we need certain software which can help us for our certain work which we can’t do it without that software. Well, there is one cache here, mostly people don’t like to go for paid software, but if we can get it for free than surely there will be no problem and people would like to get them for sure.

So now let’s talk about some good freeware software which can be really good for certain important tasks.

Sound Converter : Well, these days people are always looking for such converter as they always need to convert their songs for different purpose. Some needs to convert their songs to mp3 for their smart phones and some need it for their ipods. So there is good software using it you can easily convert your songs into different format instantly. In fact you can convert whole folder containing songs instantly. The name of software is SWITCH. Download it now and start converting your songs now.

Video Converter : This is also quite needed thing. I mean people always need to convert their videos in different formats because of compatible issue. They need to convert some certain format of videos in to another format so that they can play them in certain device. For that purpose they need Video converter and I am having one good option for you. I am talking about VIDEORA software, which is free and you can easily convert your videos into particular format using it.

Resize your animated images : This is also interesting software. Sometimes user needs to change the size of animated images. I am talking about dimensional size. Well changing size of an ordinary image is quite easy; I mean anyone can do it using paint software. But changing size of animated images is not easy, for that we need to change size of each and every frame. But we having good software using which you can easily change the size of any GIF image. I am talking about GifResizer software. It is very cool software using it you can change size of any animated image instantly.

Access other computer remotely : Yes using one certain software you can access other’s computer remotely. Suppose your friend or your customer having some problem in their computer than you can easily check it out using this software and even can solve it. Using this software you can operate their computer with your computer using internet and can see their computer screen on your computer screen. So I guess you can understand the importance of this software. I am talking about TEAMVIEWER software using it we can easily access any computer remotely if we know about their team viewer id and password.

Antivirus : Well, I don’t need to explain the importance of this software. Each and every computer needs good antivirus to keep their computer safe and secure. But not all people want to spend more money for purchasing antivirus. So I will suggest them AVG or AVAST antivirus. Both having free edition of antivirus and both are quite good in removing viruses from our computer. So go for any one of them, I will suggest you AVAST more as it is good in giving internet security too. They will be surely good for your computer.

Play all videos without converting : Our computer can’t play all kind of video format without having proper codec in it. So if you will download VLC VIDEO PLAYER than you can play any kind of video format in your computer without converting them. You will also get cool video player using which you can easily see your videos in full screen. You can also remove those black annoying strips from video. So play all videos using this software in your computer. This is totally freeware software so no need to spend any money.

Upload your site on FTP server : Well, if you are a developer, or even not, and you need to upload your site on your FTP server. Then there is good software for this purpose too. I am talking about FileZilla software. Using it you can easily upload any files of your website on your server using FTP connection. It is quite faster in uploading sites in compare of normal process and other software. Just try it out and you will found out how good and fast it is. It is quite easy in use and it is totally free too.

Manage your Boot loader screen : If you having multiple operating systems on your computer, than you often need to manage boot loader screen of your computer. You cannot do it without proper information and knowledge. But there is good software for this purpose too. The software name is EasyBCD. This is very good software using it you can easily manage boot screen of your computer. You can also add or remove operating system list from the boot screen of your computer. So this can be really helpful for certain tasks.

Make Partition in your hard disk : Sometimes people needs to partition their hard disk for certain reasons. But after installing operating system it is quite hard to make more partition. But using one certain software you can do it quite easily. I am talking about EaseUs Partition Master home edition. Using this software you can easily manage the partition of your hard disk. You can add, remove and stretch your current partition using this software. So this can be really useful if we want to make changes in our hard disk after installing operating system. So this software works best for this purpose.

So this is it. I have explained you about some good software which can be really helpful for certain work. They are surely helpful to me, and I am sure it can be helpful to you as well. Hope you have enjoyed this information.

Author: Mohamadi Quadri        
Posted Date: 07/28/2012        

Nice collection of software and thanks for sharing.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 07/28/2012    Points:1    

very good and nice informative collections dear keep up the good work

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