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Some Global Fun facts

July 29, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 660

When we track back we find many interesting facts about things and events that have shaped the world today !


It is interesting to test our global aptitude and get our facts right .When we track back we find many interesting facts about things and events that have shaped the world today!

Given below are a few such interesting and fun facts ..

1, Where was the first cup of coffee savored ?

To go back to the history of coffee - as far back as 1000 AD, Ethiopians chewed the seeds and berries of coffee plants for its stimulant effects.Yemen, however was the first to cultivate and roast the beans for brewing .This was apparently used by the Sufi mystiques to enhance their spiritual experience. Coffee became popular all over the Arab world during this time . It was shipped to other countries from the Yemeni port of Mocha, and made its way to India and Europe in the 17th century !

2, From where did lime originate ?

Limes which are consumed world over today , originated from Indonesia and Malaysia. It was a wild growing shrub that was locally used in cooking and beverages .However, organized cultivation was first done in India and other SoutEast Asian countries .Arab traders when they visited the orient took the citrus fruit with them and it became popular with the Arabs and later found its way to Europe and then to American sub continent.

3,Where and when was the ‘ Fork ‘ first used ?

Apparently Ancient Greeks used large two tonged tools to carve and serve meat very similar to a fork. It was actually the seventh century Middle – Eastern rulers who were the first ones to use a fork for eating.There are some interesting stories related to the use of fork.By the 11th century although many traders began using the fork in Italy, priests from Venice and the Vatican were totally against its use .When one of the Byzantine princess wanted to use forks when she was inviting some guests for dinner , it horrified the priests and they denounced the fork and maintained that God had invented fingers for eating . It took many more years before it became a normal practice to use the fork in the western world.

4,Who wore the first loafers - the comfortable slip on shoes ?

The loafers have now become the shoe of choice for most teens in America and elsewhere in the world.In the 1950’s, Norweigian dairy farmers wore leather slip ons in cattle enclosures which were called loafing areas.An innovative cobbler made some modifications to this footwear , and took it to the city and urban users .Famous Bootmaker Bass made its own version of loafers and introduced it to Americans in 1936.Today, of course they are on the feet of leissure lovers everywhere in the world.

5, Any idea from where Chocolates first came from?

Today we associate Switzerland and Austria with mouthwatering variety of pastries and chocolates .But surprisingly, it was first discover at Honduras by the Mayans, who cultivated the caocao beans to make chocolates.They ground the beans,mi xed it with water ,maize and even chillies to make a beverage which according to them tasted bitter but delightful ! Spanish travelers took back the beans and added sugar to it , after which it became popular.However, the first chocolate bars were produced in the mid -19th century by the UK company J.S.Fry & sons.

6,The story of processed sugar

Sugar cane was cultivated in India more thyan 3000 years ago to make crystallized sugar, although sugar cane plant itself originated in New Guinea where it was chewed and enjoyed by the locals.The Arabs took Sugar to their world and it later was taken to Spain.However,it was considered an expensive item not used by ordinary folks.Later by the 18th century , it had become a staple in the Western countries and mass production ensured that it could be used by everyone !

7, Where was the Panama hat first worn ?

Panama hats originated at Ecuador.They were woven from straw of a plant called Toquilla.The light weight , wide brimmed head gear provided an ideal shield from the tropical sun.The name Panama was acquired when it was exported from Panamian ports to other countries like North America and Europe.Panama hats became fashionable and popular when Us president Teddy Roosevelt doned one when he went on a vist to the Panama canal.

8, The history of carrots

There were no red carrots in the beginning.The Afghans grew a purple variety of carrot with a sharp taste , some 5000 years ago ,which they used extensively in their diet. Since then many varieties of carrots differing in color,shape and size have been cultivated all over the world.
However, the most popular and well known coral red variety of carrots were first developed by the Dutch in the 17th century and it became an instant hit with the westerners .


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