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A comprehensive study to loose overweight

July 30, 2012  by: Mohamadi Quadri  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1028

I am sharing my realistic experience about loosing over weight.


Overweight is perhaps one of the biggest problems affecting health of adult people. It is easy to gain weight but very difficult to loose it. Hence, avoid weight gain is better than trying hard to loose it. Overweight is the cause for many diseases like heart problems, sugar etc. This article discusses about how to maintain a normal weight and also how to loose it easily.

1. Check BMI

The first step is to check BMI. Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. There exists many websites which allows us to check our BMI online. By checking your BMI, You will come to know you are overweight or normal. If the result is overweight, you should start your diet program and consult a physician also. If you want to know for what weight your BMI is normal, you can try with different weights, anyhow the height parameter does not alter. The weight for which your BMI is normal is your ideal weight with respect to your age and height. So, when you get the ideal weight you can keep the target to achieve it.

2. Plan the diet program

Note down how many calories you should take per day. The daily calories intake changes for men and women. Women who are inactive should take 1600 calories of food daily. Men who are inactive and active women should take 2200 calories per day. Active men doing exercises, more work, swimming etc should take 2800 calories of food per day. Hence, find out how many calories are needed according to your work. According to medical experts, men should eat minimum 1500 calories and women 1200 calories per day. So, start dieting with appropriate calories count per day.

3. Balanced diet

Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Divide your meals into small portions, instead of eating 3 times a day make it 5 times a day. Eat negative calorie foods like oranges, lemon etc... Whatever food we eat requires energy to digest the food, but when we eat negative calorie foods the energy they require to digest the food is more than they give to the body. Hence, by eating negative calorie food one can add calories to diet and also loose some extra calories.

For example when you eat a fruit that gives 50 calories energy but requires 70 calories to digest it, by this way you can easily burn 20 calories of fat daily!
Examples for negative calorie foods include oranges, lemon, tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, broccoli, cabbage, watermelon, and cauliflower.

4. Avoid processed foods.

Processed foods are full of additives. Additives like sugar, flavoring etc are added to store foods for a long time. A processed food by their unnatural essence persuades us to consume it excessively which is the main reason to become fat. A flavor called Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is added to 80% processed foods. MSG is a flavor enhancer that makes us longing for more. MSG is used by researchers in their experiment to make mice fat. Mice naturally doesn’t have tendency to be fat. Hence they are given MSG to make them eat more and become fat. This flavor added in processed food makes human also eat more and longing for more, resulting obesity.

The furtive reason for longing more is, when the stomach is full it gives a signal to the brain that it is full. But, when we eat processed food stomach doesn’t give signal to brain that it is full and we are longing for more and thus eat more. Take an example of ice cream, when you eat one you are longing for one more and this continues but this doesn’t happen with natural foods.


Exercise keeps you physically and mentally healthy. Exercise also helps you to loose some calories daily and also keeps the body fit. Everyday exercise of 30-60 min will help you stay healthy. There are many exercises to loose weight. Some of the top exercises to loose weight are aerobics and swimming, these helps to burn 800 calories per hour. Cycling helps to burn 500-1000 calories per hour.
In the beginning, start doing exercises for a short time and then increase with time as the body needs to adjust to it. Some people do more exercises in the beginning and get tired and sick and stop after few days. To avoid it, plan the time duration for exercises and slowly increase with time, by this way your body will adjust to it.

6.Food journal

This also plays a main role in dieting. Write down whatever you eat in the book with corresponding calories for it. Also write down the time duration of exercises done by you. Note down how many glass of water you drank in the day. By the end of the day add up all the calories to see how much calories you have taken in the day. You can subtract the calories lost by exercises. In this way you will have control over your diet.

7.Do not starve

Many people think starving is better way to loose weight. Though, you can loose weight in a short time by not eating, conversely it affects your health. When you do not eat your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism rate reduces. After a few days, you will be so hungry that you start eating uncontrollably, that may make you again overweight !


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