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How to Recruit- Key Steps in Recruitment Process

July 30, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 671

If you work in recruitment firms, you learn to work at a fast pace. A few key steps in recruitment process help to find the right candidate and good referrals. Staffing is easy when you maintain a good database and communicate well with strangers. You should have persuasive skills to sell the job to the right candidate. A degree in sales can be useful for recruiters.


Is staffing as easy as it sounds? Really, is it so difficult to find a person to do a job? Especially in present economic situation, people are jobless. They will take up any opportunity that runs along their way. Yet, it is tough to find the right person for the job. In simple words, staffing is recruiting personnel for a job. However, this concept has become quite complex.

Companies do not just need workforce. They need people with competitive skills, ability to multi-task, lead teams and work with minimum supervision. They need employees with good sense of humor, quick analytical skills and gift of gab. All these requirements are for jobs at entry level, blogging or at senior positions. Of course, most jobs require a four-year degree too. Too bad if you hated studies or kept your feet away from the college classrooms.

Staffing is all about Numbers

Recruitment process is all about numbers and heads. Yes, you literally count the number of people you need to fill the position. If you or your client company requires entry-level graduates, you can seek walk-ins from colleges. You can organize campus drives and seek freshmen for the job. An advantage here is that these freshmen will be willing to work as interns. Hence, you get good employees at a lower pay. On the other hand, you can also target people with one year or less experience for such entry-level jobs.

However, staffing at entry-level requires you to line up a longer list of candidates for the interview. This is because there may be many who will dropout at the last minute. Hence, for one entry-level position, you need to speak and line up at least 15 candidates. Out of them, only eight or 10 will actually attend the interview.

Does Technology Help in Staffing

You can post jobs online, send emails to candidates and bulk text messages. Candidates can also follow up using the same methods. However, technology may not always be of help. Most candidates apply for multiple job opportunities. Hence, they keep constant watch on new job postings. All this increases the scope for attrition.

On the other hand, you can use applicant-tracking systems, maintain a good internal database of candidates and use social media for recruitments. Social media networking is quite useful when interacting with senior executives. You can keep in touch with people working in high positions via social and professional networking. In this process, you can communicate about any job opportunity and even seek referrals. This method of recruitment often has 80% positive chance of getting the right candidate for the job.

Accept Rejections while Recruiting

All social and professional networking requires lots of patience. Not all candidates respond immediately. At times, your tweets and updates do not get any reaction. Hence, be prepared to accept rejections. In addition, the HR teams may reject the candidate you pick. They may find minor or major faults with the resumes and attitude of the candidate. Take all this in a positive stride. Make a note of the job requirements and search for the ideal fit.

Recruitment is easy when you are an extrovert. Keep good relations with your candidates. Send the candidates emails and correspondence at regular intervals. Communicate with them via Twitter, Facebook or Skype. Chat with them regularly and this will help you seek referrals too. Moreover, the candidates develop confidence and keep in touch with you. Moreover, you can also prepare your candidates for the interview. Once selected, you will not only get your revenue but also a good source for future referrals.

Staffing and recruiting are ideal jobs for people who like to interact and network. Communication plays a key role in staffing. The recruiters should not be afraid of emails and phone calls. They should take part in HR meetings, workshops and seminars. These are the best places to seek new candidates and learn about new opportunities.


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