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Best Tips on How to Find Time To Write and Blog

July 30, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.30   Views: 702

Do you struggle to find time to write and blog? If you have passion, you can surely find a way to write at least one post per day. Try writing guest blogs. In return, you get a good pay or page views that add to your revenue. Here are some more tips.


Writing and blogging are tough jobs. You can hardly find time amidst all schoolwork, home chores, meeting friends, and social networking. Sometimes, there is the writer’s block too. You seem to run out of topics and ideas when you write for prolonged hours in a day. At times, you spend too much time to read and research. This leaves very little time to actually write or blog about something new. However, with little time management and tips, you can overcome your issues and find enough time to write and promote your work online.

Early Bird gets the Worm

If you are not a night person, sleep early and wake up early. This is a peaceful time. The kids and adults are sleep. Hence, you can get to work and write one or two small articles and blogs at a rapid speed. Make some hot coffee and sit down to write your blog. You can write about a new dish, some tips you read the previous day and so on. You may even blog about the latest news.

Work Off the Internet

If you have enough material to begin writing straightaway, it is best to write offline. When you log in to the internet, you may face distractions. It is likely that you will have the temptation to log in to your social network and read updates or view pictures and recent posts of your friends. Sometimes, you end up having a long chat with a friend and ignore your writing work. Hence, the best way to blog more is to keep offline. Log in after you finish your blogging or writing work. This will make you feel less guilty.

Midday Writing Helps

If you work part time, go to school or college, you can utilize your lunch hour to write. Maybe you can write about a new topic you studied in school or college. You can also blog about the lunch food. Take pictures and write a small blog about eating healthy. Adding pictures to the blogs also saves a lot of time. You can write a small post because the picture says it all.

Speak or Record a Video

A blog need not be an article at all times. You can also upload a video or speak your mind. You can use podcasts or simply upload your video on your blog. Thus, you need not write. Simply write a small description about the video and post it on your blog. You can then post the links on Pinterest or other social media.

For some people, above tips may not work very well. However, they can try to stay up late and write their blogs. You can also hear the day’s news and write a recap of the events. Some people also write about their favorite television shows and recaps. Many people like to read these recaps online.

You can also blog from your mobile phone and devices like iPad, iPods and smartphones. Another good idea is to keep a notepad with you at all times. You can jot down ideas and put them into an article when you get time. This way, you do not forget what you think and have all matter in place before you sit to write. This is also a good way to beat the writer’s block.

If you run out of topics and ideas, take a few minutes to browse on Twitter, Pinterest and Helium. Even Yahoo and Examiner have good posts on latest trending topics. When you write about latest trends and topics, you get more views. Naturally, more page views give more money in your account. All these tips will help you write your blogs and articles without shortage of time.


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