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Difference Between Weight Management and Diets

July 30, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 629

This article tells you the difference between weight management and diets. Diets and starvation leave you craving for more junk food. As a result you gain more weight than what you lose. Weight management is a healthier way to lose weight.


We are all familiar with the words like dieting and weight management. Yet, we do confuse between the two words. Is dieting same as weight management? Both these concepts are related to weight loss but one differs from the other.

Weight management includes plans like weight watchers. In simple words, weight management is all about eating right and keeping your body weight stable. Thus, your body weight does not fluctuate at random.A weight management programs allows you to eat your favorite snacks while you lose weight.

How Weight Management Works better than a Diet

Usually, weight management requires the person to attend group classes, maintain a food journal or keep a track of their progress online. In this method, participants interact with other similar people who are trying to lose weight. They all focus on a goal. They work slowly towards the weight loss, by losing one pound per week and so on. These people also use some form of exercise along with a healthy meal plan. A combination of exercise and healthy food gives great results.

Why Diets do not Work

Dieting is different from weight management. On a diet, people use either pre-cooked meals or consume dietary supplements like protein shakes, bars and so on. While protein shakes and bars are good, they do not provide wholesome nutrition. As a result, a person on diet may see weight loss in a short time but they do gain the weight once they stop the diet.

It is tough to follow such diet plans for a long period. You tend to feel boredom and crave for unhealthy snacks or junk foods. People usually diet because they do not get time to exercise or are lazy to exercise. They try to follow different diet plans every month. Some people stick to only raw vegetables or fruits while others use meal supplements. All this can lead to eating disorders, extreme weight fluctuations and anxiety too. At times, when such people gain weight, they even face depression.

Why Diets are Popular

Dieting is popular because of fast weight loss results. Diets restrict consumption of junk foods and carbohydrates. Usually, there is peer pressure too. Teens and college students try fad diets and skip their meals because their friends do so too. Even at work, people appreciate slim co-workers. As a result, many employees also use fad diets and yo-yo diets to look slim and thin. They fail to realize that this process actually causes more harm than good.

Why Weight Management is good for Weight Loss

Weight management is a better way to lose weight. Even celebrities use this process to keep fit. Weight management requires you to work out, keep a food journal and track your progress. You can eat your favorite cake, pie or pizza too. You get points for eating healthy. You can use these points and indulge in your favorite snack once or twice a week. Even during the week, you can eat some ice cream or eat out. Your body weight does not fluctuate and you still get rid of your love handles. Regular exercise, avoiding too much oily food and eating a balanced diet are the secrets of perfect weight management.

Thus, now you know that a fad diet and starvation does not work. You need to eat a balanced nutritious meal and exercise too. When your exercise, you burn calories and get rid of toxins in your body. The bad fat also burns and you get a nice fit shape. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind too.

Author: Kartik        
Posted Date: 08/28/2012    Points:3    

It is better not to be messed up with the trick of words. Diet control plans or weight management programs; all are less or more like the same. One should take that much of food required by one''s body and work and exercise regularly. This the simple but the most effective and healthy plan. http://www.medifasthealth.org/blog/working-medifast-coupons/

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