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How to Get More Comments on Your Blogs and Articles

July 31, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.30   Views: 707

Maybe you do write clear and compelling articles but forget to promote them. On the other hand, promoting low quality articles may also reduce your followers. Read this article to know how to get more comments on your blogs and posts.


People write articles and blogs for reasons of their own. Some people have a passion for writing, others like to freelance and make money through writing articles, short gigs and blogs. Blogs and writing articles is now a profession too. Many companies and businesses seek content writers for business promotion and brand awareness. These content writers help to write product reviews and add content to the company’s website.

If you blog or write, you already know the information mentioned above. However, do your blogs attract a lot of traffic? Do you get enough comments and appreciative remarks on your blogs and content? If you do not get much traffic to your sites and blogs, here are a few tips.

Gain more Visitors to your Blogs

To get more remarks and comments, you need more people to visit your blogs. How is that possible? Well, it is not rocket science. You should keep an eye on new social media sites. Create accounts on various social and professional networks. Pinterest, Mashable, Expertscolumn, LinkedIn and so on are good social media sites to begin with. Post links to your articles on these sites. When more people see your articles or blogs, you have higher chance of getting more comments and page traffic. As you see, there is no need to be tech savvy. Basic internet knowledge will help you breeze through the process of gaining more visitors to your blogs.

Clarity in Blogs and Articles

Write and express your ideas clearly. Do not dangle between opinions. If you have a strong opinion about something, feel free to express so in your blogs and writing. At times, stronger articles and opinions get higher views, visitors and comments. Words like love, hate, why I hate, why I like- get more attention and comments.

Reply your Visitors and Comments

When your blog gets a comment, be quick to reply. Chances are that the commenter will come back to your page to see your response too. The same thing applies for your tweets and Facebook updates. Do not stop at posting tweets and updates. Follow other tweets, retweet and reply. This way, you will also get enough retweets and comments.

Opinions in Articles and Blogs

When you write a blog on some topic, always try to end it by asking for the reader’s opinions. While many readers choose to keep mum, a few will actually take time to write a comment and give their opinion. If they like your blog and agree with your opinions, they may also appreciate them. Such comments are quite helpful. When you add links to apply for a freelance position, the company may hire you looking at the high number of comments on your posts.

Link to Blog Posts

Leave comments on other blog posts and provide a link to your blog. This is a mutual way of leaving comments and adding page views. All bloggers love to promote their articles. When you comment and view other blogs, they will also reciprocate.

Interesting Headlines for Blogs

Write interesting and attractive titles for your blog posts and articles. Seek the help of Google Keyword tool or Alexa. Use Google Analytics and Twitter trends. When you write about trending topics, you will have more chances of high page traffic. When you write about social, political and economic issues, you get more views and comments. During the holiday season, write more about holidays, vacation tips and travel posts. Going by the season flow can also help to get more comments and page traffic.

All these are some simple and popular tips to get more comments and page traffic to your blogs, posts and articles. Maybe you do write clear and compelling articles but forget to promote them. On the other hand, promoting low quality articles may also reduce your followers. Thus, the secret is to write a good and clear article and promote it well on the social media.


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