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Summer is for Getting Your Kid Off the Couch

August 01, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 722

Summer is the season of activities. But modern children spend more time watching TV or video games and developing a sedentary life. This will turn a curse to the future of the whole humanity.


Summer is on. Children enjoy vacation during this season. They have a break from their routine school life. It is time for enhancing the strength of the body, mind and the soul of the child. Modern lifestyle has made children couch potatoes, watching TV or video games. Get them out of couch. Give them a fresh and energetic life.

Childhood days are very precious. Today’s children are the makers of tomorrow’s world. They should grow up into healthy, responsible, and active builders of a better tomorrow. Get your kid off the couch to grow into a better person.

Why to get kids off the couch?

It is really sad that the sedentary and sluggish lifestyle, especially for the children, can do much damage to the body and mind than an active lifestyle that may cause some wear and tear occasionally. It is shocking to see the growing generations tied up in sedentary postures. US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 17% of the children between the ages of 3 and 17 in the US alone are obese, facing dangerous health hazards. Another report says that the obesity rate has tripled since 1980.

Kids attached to couch face more health and psychological problems

Studies say that the time spent in watching TV, computer, etc. by the children of the modern age is steadily increasing. They are hooked by the commercial world of the media. They spend less time in physical play and other physical activities. Obesity restricts their physical movements. Obese children are easily affected with psychological problems as they find it hard to move freely with their peers. Their self-esteem is much affected and they face discrimination among their peers.

Couch potatoes face more health hazards

Mayo clinic reports that growing children of the recent decades experience high blood pressure due to overweight, eating a poor diet and not exercising. Health experts say that children without physical activities develop high cholesterol and other diseases that they carry into adulthood. Underused muscles and bones further create more health problems.

Parents should get their kids off the couch

Many researchers have stated that parental neglect is turning children into couch potatoes. Researches of Oregon State University has revealed that children of neglectful parents or of parents absent from home often remain couch potatoes for several hours per day.

Sedentary life affects normal growth

Studies of Bradley Cardinal, professor of social psychology of physical activity at Oregon State University, and his team have revealed that sedentary behavior goes against the natural growth of children and it affects their educational performance. Their personality is rather crippled.

Parents and others must encourage kids’ physical activities

It is natural for children to move about in physical activities. Parents and others should encourage this innate nature that makes them spontaneous movers. They should discourage the distractions that make them sedentary. Give them more opportunities that encourage their voluntary physical activities.

Summer is a season of outdoor activities. Find what can make your kids get out of the couch. Build up a stronger and healthier society by getting your kids off the couch.

Author: Siddesh        
Posted Date: 08/15/2012    Points:3    

It is not only about encouraging the kids for diet control and exercise but the parents should practice the same lifestyle. If parents practice diet control and engage themselves in physical activities, then their kids would follow them with great enthusiasm. But in practical the opposite is happening. Then how can we believe that kids listen to us. http://www.dietbuddiesbook.com/
Author: jacklinthomson        
Posted Date: 04/08/2013    Points:4    

Definitely I must agreed with the fact that parent should involve to handle their kid''s activity. We should make aware them about the importance of diet and fitness in human life and how we can stay fit and healthy through these activities. So in reality we should play a role model in our children''s life that ultimately helps them to stay fit and healthy forever.

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