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Best Tips to Reduce Workplace Stress

August 02, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 1022

If you work in a team, try to divide your tasks. Call for a team meeting regularly and analyze the team performance. Distribute your tasks, reach early for work. Keep cheerful and maintain a friendly attitude. All these tips will help you feel less stressed at work.


Today, work and office have become stressful. So much so, that it even affects your personal relations. You have less time with your family and more hours at work. As a result, your temper flares up at the slightest mistake of a colleague or a small incident at work. How then can you ease stress at your place of work?

Before going to Office

If you notice carefully, you begin to stress even before work. You wake up late, have little time to eat a good breakfast; the office commute seems to take forever and so on. Hence, you reach office in a bad mood and the entire day seems to be stressful. You can do your bit to remain calm and make things work positively.

Try to sleep an hour earlier and wake up early. Take a hot or cold shower early in the morning. This does make you energetic and awake. Have a good breakfast and then go to work. Since you wake up early, you have more time for the commute and hence can keep calm through the heavy traffic. When you start early for work, you may even avoid the traffic congestion.

Happy Commute to Work

It is possible to feel happy when you commute to work. Try to carpool with other colleagues. This is the best way to bond with co-workers. You can share a few jokes and people will get to know you better. You can also listen to some soft music or enjoy the early morning sun while you drive. Feel happy and keep a positive mood.

Reach Early to Work

This does not require you to reach an hour before the office time. Merely reaching 10 minutes earlier to work can be enough. This will give you time to make a list of chores for the day. Review previous day pending work and make a note of today’s schedule. You have more time to organize and plan your day. You may also have enough time for another coffee or a glass of juice at office. Some offices offer free breakfast for the employees. You could go and check for that in the office kitchen.

Divide your Work

Keep a time when you will reply to emails. You can reply mails during post lunch when you feel less active. Schedule to meet your clients early during the day. Maybe you can meet the client before you come to work. This way you have enough time to focus on other tasks when you are at work. Some jobs require employees to interact with customers and take phone calls. This can also hinder their routine work. You can send mails to your customers and clients instead of lengthy phone calls. You can also mention a convenient time for calls.

Never Skip Lunch

Your body feels fatigue without fuel for long. Never skip lunch on workdays or otherwise. You feel exhaustion without any meal. It is impossible to feel cheerful and energetic when you do not eat your meal while at work. Use the lunchtime to eat a good meal and interact with your colleagues. This is also a good time to bond with the senior and junior co-workers.

When you have a good day, you do feel cheerful and happy. This also motivates you to perform well at work. Some offices also encourage employee training and other events. Take time to attend such trainings and develop work skills. Do not remain aloof from the team members and seniors. Isolation is never a good way at work. It only increases stress and tensions. All these tips will help you to cope with the daily stress at your workplace.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 08/04/2012    Points:2    

Those who are working men and women, it is a nice article for them. By the way there are many of us here who are working from home and yet at times are stressed. But those who are at the workplace are slightly more stressed than us. So, I guess these will be great tips to remember.

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