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Some useful Tips for Gardening !

August 03, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1434

The unconditional response we get from the plants in our garden is exhilarating. A little bit of care and the plants thrive and bring us joy without expecting anything in return.


It is essential to be aware of the importance of trees and plants even if one is not doing any gardening. Once a person develops an awareness for nature and environment , one also develops an interest in it and tries to preserve it ! Gardening is a very healthy and nature friendly hobby that gves immense pleasure and satisfaction to garden enthusiasts !

Here are some useful tips that help you in taking care of your plants

1,Gardening is not a very difficult hobby .All that you need to do is concentrate on what needs to be done for the plants - like the size of the garden , sunlight,water and manure ! It is better to plan before hand before starting your garden.

2, All plants thrive when there is plenty of sunshine, air circulation and water.Most varieties of cactus too do well under such conditions ! A garden can be very successfully grown , as long as you limit how much you are growing (plants and different varieties ) and also have enough time to put the effort necessary into making it healthy !

3, One has to carefully prepare the soil mix for plants . Ideally they need a well dug up, loose soil which is absolutely essential for the plant to have a good all round growth.An ideal mix is one part of garden soil,one part of manure or any compost,one part of sand and one part of mulch ( dried and rotten bark,leaves and other plant material).You have to mix the above thoroughly before using it .

4, It is best to grow indoor plants in medium sized containers in places where the weather change is extreme.It is easier to move the plant as and when required to different parts of the garden or house depending on the weather .

5, The most important thing to remember is to never over water the house plants.It is best to water on demand after the top layer dries up. Water the plants sparingly so that there is just a little water overflowing into the plates which gets absorbed later .When there is over watering and too much water flows out the nutrients in the soil get washed away !

6, If you are trying to grow a garden or some plants for the first time, try growing those plants that are easy to grow and ones that survive without much care. Some of these are crotons, most varieties of bamboo,palm and flower plants like hibiscus,lantanas,common variety of rose flower and jasmine.
It is important to remember that plants like Jasmine, Hibiscus, Crotons and some other variety of Philodendrons need to be cared for and protected when there are extreme temperature changes.

7, Gardening is probably the best remedy for many unpleasant issues that an individual faces - like loneliness, depression or simply for keeping fit. We all need some form of activity that de-stresses us when things become difficult to handle. Gardening and even going for long walks helps one clear one’s mind and generally help us in calming down.

8, Taking an interest in plants and doing some work around the garden makes sure that all your negative and depressing thoughts vanish and you feel refreshed at the end of it. It is a lot of hard work but at the same time very rewarding and soothing !

9, Gardening can evoke passion, dedication and joy in an individual . If any one becomes an avid Gardner, he can enjoy gardening throughout his life since gardening is an addictive hobby !

10, Container gardening can also be tried if you have a balcony or a terrace space.One can even grow tomatoes, spinach,chilies and a few other vegetables in empty cement bags.Punch a few holes in them and line the bottom with corase pebbles,fill the bag with mixed soil and plant the vegetable sapling.Fold back the top of the bag so that it is easier for you to work on the plant .

The unconditional response we get from the plants in our garden is exhilarating. A little bit of care and the plants thrive and bring us joy without expecting anything in return.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 08/04/2012    Points:3    

Wow, these are certainly great tips. I am not into gardening myself, because I don''t have the space to do it. But that is one thing that I would have enjoyed doing a lot had I one beautiful garden. But now I know these tips, I can use them to tell them who have the garden but are not taking care of it.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 08/09/2012    Points:4    

Thanks a lot Abhijit :) You can have even one two or a few plants in pots either near a window or near the front door or a balcony or windowsill which gives you the green and fresh feeling.You can have an arrangement of few interesting looking stones in a corner of your sitting room and keep a couple of cactus and it will look like a rock garden within your home...with a little bit of imagination one can do wonders within the given limited space !
Author: Victor O        
Posted Date: 09/26/2012    Points:3    

Moreover, to carry out minor nursery practices on stuff like tomato and pepper, just simply make sure the top soil is well-drained and loamy in nature; this soil can be placed either in seed boxes, beds, trays or simply on the ground. The seeds can be sown in drills, provide shade, weed when necessary, make sure watering and mulching are carried out.
Lastly, space them appropiately.

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