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Tips to Tackle Pollen Allergies

August 03, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 926

Clean your home, groom your pets more often, use a HEPA air purifier and take a bath after coming from outdoors. Speak to your doctor for supplements and allergy shots to handle pollen allergies.


People look forward to spring and summer. This is the best time for outdoor activities, backpack trips, hikes, bike trips and so much more. However, if you suffer from pollen allergy, this is the most depressing time too. You cannot remain in the house for the whole season. You do want to go out and enjoy with your family and friends. A few tips can help to tackle the pollen allergy.

Avoid High Pollen Count Time

Early morning, from dawn to 10 am is a high pollen count time. Avoid these morning hours. Do not head to parks and hikes during this time. Also, shut your doors and windows during the high pollen count hours. If you love gardening, but have pollen allergies, then avoid any gardening chores during 5-10am. You can set up water sprinklers and hire a temporary gardener if need arises.

Remove Weeds in Garden

Certain wild weeds and plants also have pollen that can cause allergies. If you have a home garden, hire a professional to remove the weeds. You can also visit a home depot store, buy a weed killing product, and do it on your own.

Take Allergy Shots

Make a doctor’s appointment and talk to your physician about your pollen allergy. They can advise you to take allergy shots to help you tackle the pollen allergies during summer. Some local pharmacy stores also offer allergy shots. Call your insurance to check if they cover the expenses for pollen allergy shots.

Pets and Pollen Allergies

If you are allergic to pollen and have pets, you need to take extra care. Pollen can stick to the furs of your pet dogs and cats. Ask your family members to groom the pet after a walk or play session in the garden or park. If possible, avoid taking your pets out during the high pollen count time.

Yogurt for Pollen Allergies

Yogurt seems to help pollen allergy. You can consume yogurt once a day or more times to get relief from pollen allergy. Studies reveal that yogurt works well to alleviate such allergy symptoms.

Bath after Coming from Outdoors

Take a bath, wash your hair and exfoliate after your outdoor activities. Pollen may stick to your hair or clothes and body. This can later trigger an allergy. Hence, wash yourself thoroughly after you come back from a beach trip, hike or a bike ride.

Wash and Laundry to avoid Pollen Allergy

Wash your bed sheets and curtains more often during summer and spring. Clean sheets and furnishings are important to prevent respiratory allergies and pollen allergy attacks. If you have pets or high traffic on carpets, it is best to vacuum your floor and carpets very often. You can also rent the rug doctor or carpet cleaner from stores and thoroughly clean the carpets.

Other important factors are the usage of an allergy mask, keeping your car clean and using clean air purifiers in your homes. Allergy masks are ideal for people who are highly sensitive to pollen allergies. Keeping your car clean is also essential. We walk outdoors and sit in the car with muddy shoes and some pollen can come into the car with your pets or on your body. Hence, use the car cleaning coupons to get a car wash. You can also use a home vacuum to clean the car at home. All these tips can help you tackle the pollen allergy this summer season.


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