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Are the Modern Parents Scared of Disciplining Their Children?

August 05, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 877

Are the parents of the modern world afraid of disciplining their children? Is it because the parents do not want to upset their children or they are scared of the adverse consequences that they imagine to face? Here are some positive hints.


Are the parents of the modern world scared of disciplining their children? Most of the modern parents do not dare to discipline their children, fearing that it may upset them. Experts say that more than 80% of the parents are certain that just one scolding is enough to stop their children from misbehaving again. Yet they do not dare to discipline them fearing that it may upset them. The children take advantage of this weakness(?) of the parents. They have a much easier ride with more than 25% parents openly avoiding disciplining their children. The parents think they may have to face more trouble by disciplining them.

Modern children in the path of indiscipline

Modern children are growing up in a completely different world, a world completely different from the previous decades. They have the small screen to occupy them and guide them. They have the Internet and computer which provide them every kind of knowledge. They have mobile phone and other devices which connect them with others faster. They have everything in their easy access, that takes them away from a disciplined life of the past.

Modern children are too sensitive to face failures. They turn against the society in a negative and emotional attitude. Drug addiction is spreading among the growing children faster than any time.

Modern parents’ involvement in disciplining children

1) Children are left to watch TV, etc. most of the time. Parents are unable to control this habit. They take it for granted that it will improve their knowledge. They think watching TV may keep them away from doing mischiefs.

2) Video games, iPod, computer games, etc occupy more time of the children than the parents.

3) Unfortunately, parents spend less time with their children. They have to run around with a busy schedule to earn better “wealth”. The parents have no time to check their children. Even mothers of feeding babies have to rush to offices, leaving their kids to all kinds of risks.

4) Above all the presence of parents as “role models” to their children is less in the modern lifestyle. They want to have an easy life. They give lame excuses when their children are pointed out of failures in the school or in the society. They try to defend their misbehaving children without realizing the consequences.

5) Researchers reveal that they found most of the parents shy away from disciplining their children because they do not want to be seen as unfair or too strict. Studies say that many parents admitted avoiding keeping their child in check in public because they did not want others to think they were too harsh.

Disciplining children the most important duty of the parents

Disciplining the children is a risky duty. It involves more risks than just losing the investment of time, money, and personal resources. It may leave painful scars in relationships.
Parental duty involves an investment of time, energies, concern, prayers, hopes, and person.

Positive approach is necessary

Parents need not be discouraged because of such risky situations. There is always hope if they try with a good heart.
1) Love the children sincerely. Love is more powerful. The children should be able to feel the parental love which can build up their confidence.

2) Developing a hobby, exercising and being a member of a good team would keep the children focused and out of trouble.

3) Parental disciplining is a careful task, especially when the children reach teenage. The parents should never smother their children without allowing them any breathing room. It is possible, if they plan well.

4) Accessible parents are good role models, always loving,listening and caring. Praying for the children along with the children is one of the most important responsibilities of a role model parent.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 08/08/2012    Points:3    

Children these days are a lot smarter than probably a couple of generations before. The gadgets that were not available to those children are easily accessible to the children today. Moreover, the increasing number of crimes that are taking place in the society gives all the negative ideas to these kids. No doubt, the parents get worried over making their little ones see the correct path.
Author: SandeepSunnyJasrotia        
Posted Date: 08/13/2012    Points:3    

The parents of present do not bother about their kids much...The IT generation is making them to do this..The working parents could not able to spend time with their children and this may leads the children to do something wrong..for e.g. they use internet,watch adult thing,make friends randomly without concern of their parents and many more things...Thanks..

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