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How to Treat Sunburns and Skin Rashes from Sun Exposure

August 06, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.45   Views: 1368

Here are some best tips and guide for how to treat sun burns and skin problems due to sun exposure. Do not neglect severe symptoms and seek medical help.


High SPF sunblock and sunscreen lotions are your best defense against skin rashes and sunburns. Once you forget to be on guard against sun exposure, you will quickly fall prey to pimples, dry skin, uneven tan and blisters due to the harmful UV sunrays. Moreover, you hardly have an eight hours window to get rid of the sunburn after a day’s sun exposure. In addition, until your skin recovers, you can do very little. You can try to recoup by rehydration, staying indoors, using facemasks and other remedies.

Extreme Case of Sunstroke

If you feel dizzy, face extreme symptoms of dehydration and nausea, you should consult medical help immediately. It could be a case of sunstroke and needs a doctor’s attention. During summer, many people go to amusement parks and beaches to tan and enjoy the sun. If they forget to use a good sunscreen lotion, sunburns and sunstrokes can happen. Always wear a hat, drink plenty of fluids and wear an effective sunscreen to prevent skin damage from UV sunlight.

Rehydrating In and out the body

Water is your best friend to battle dehydration and sun exposure. Even when you hit the beach, a park or water games, carry a water bottle and refill it. Drink lot of water to keep your body hydrated. When you are in sun, your body fluids replenish quite fast. Avoid drinking alcohol under hot sun. It dehydrates you faster than ever.

Skin Moisture and Sun Exposure

When you spend a few hours under the hot sun, come home and wash your face to realize the after-effects. Your skin feels very dry and flaky. Hence, when you are out on a sunny day, take frequent restroom breaks to wash your face, put moisturizer and sunscreen lotion. This prevents the skin from becoming dry and flaky. Use aloe based organic cream for the skin. They work well for sunburns and prevent skin problems.

Lacto Calamine for Sun Protection

The Calamine creams and lotions are a good remedy for sunburns. They work well as a sunscreen too. However, the calamine lotion may seem itchy and dries up after a few hours. In order to look fresh, wash your face after two hours and reapply the calamine lotion. You can also use a moisturizer first and then apply the calamine on your face and neck for a softer feel.

Eat or Drink Yogurt

The good Indian curd works well for sunstrokes and sunburns. You can eat plain yogurt several times a day to cool your body from within. You can also apply a yogurt and honey facemask to cure the dry and sunburn skin. Cucumber and watermelon masks also work well to treat the sunburns.

At times, your skin feels itchy and dry after constant sun exposure. You can ask your doctor about cortisone creams and ointments. You need to apply this cream four times a day. It has a soothing effect and usually reduces itchiness within a day after application. You can also apply raw potato paste or raw cucumber paste to treat a dry skin. Even aloe juice can be a good remedy for uneven tan on skin.

Avoid intense face scrub and hair remover creams when you are battling with sunburns and skin rashes due to sun exposure. All these above remedies will help you get back a normal skin within a week. Meanwhile, avoid too much coffee and drink plenty of water to hydrate and feel better.


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