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Four budget phones from Videocon – have a look

August 07, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.40   Views: 1286

In these days when all of us are working on our budgets minutely, Videocon has launched four budget phones that will allow you to save bucks and also offer phones with great features.


The four phones launched by Videocon are V1580, V1548, V1542 and the V1531+. If you are a cell phone buff, you invariably need to have a look at these phones.
The V1531+
The best part of the V1531+ is the price. The phone is priced at less than Rs. 2000 – Rs. 1850 to be exact. At such a low price, the phone gives you loads of features. They are as follows:
The battery
The battery of the V1531+ is the 1500 mAh that comes with a talktime of 10 hours. That is excellent considering the price of the phone.
The screen
The screen of the phone is the 2.4” QVGA TFT color display. It comes with 240 X 320 resolution with 262K color.
The camera
The 1.3MP camera should do your job of video recording and clicking images. At this price tag, the 1.3MP camera is fairly okay.
The memory
The phone comes with an option of expanding the memory up to 8GB with the MicroSD card.
Other features
Apart from these features, the phone has pre-loaded apps like Facebook and Twitter. For data transfer the Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP is available. You will also get the FM recording option in the FM radio along with a torch with the phone.

The V1542
The V1542 is the candybar phone that is priced slightly more than the V1531+ at Rs. 2099. No doubt, it is the best in its class.
The battery
The battery used in the V1542 is the 1800 mAh. So, it can give more backup than the V1531+.
The screen
The screen of the V1542 is slightly bigger with 2.6 inches. It has the WQVGA display. The screen is soft and gives equally softer viewing experience.
The camera
Like the V1531+, V1542 also has the 1.3MP camera. So there is nothing you can choose between these two phones as far as the camera is concerned.
The memory
With the help of the MicroSD card, you can increase the memory of phone up to 16GB – twice more than the V1531+. So this is one big plus point of this model.
Other features
The phone is loaded with apps like TOI, weather, ET, Twitter and Facebook. You also get a movie juke box app. For easier entertainment access, the phone is bless with wireless FM.

The V1548
The V1548 is the touchscreen phone in the series of the four phones launched by Videocon. Priced at Rs. 2399, the phone has a auto call recording facility as well.
The battery
As a matter of fact, the V1548 has more features than the two phones mentioned above. But has the 1200 mAh battery.
The screen
The V1548 has a screen with 2.6 inches QVGA display and comes with the touchscreen facility along with 240 X 320 resolution.
The camera
There is no difference in the camera feature and like the V1531+ and the V1542, the V1548 also has the 1.3MP camera. So it keeps you totally short of options when it comes to the camera feature.
The memory
You can expand the phone memory up to 8GB with MicroSD card.
Other features
There are a host of features stuffed in this model. You can get e-book reader and mobile tracker among many other key features. There is the Bluetooth for data transfer. LED torch and K class amplifier are also present in the phone. There is the telescopic FM antenna to experience wire-free FM.

The V1580
The last in the series is the V1580. Out of these four phones, it is the most expensive and costs Rs. 2999. Once again it is the touchscreen phone of the series. One reason of the high cost is that the phone supports Java and other third-party apps.
The battery
The V1580 also has same 1200 mAh battery as V1548.
The screen
The screen of the V1580 is the largest with 3.2” and comes with the WQVGA screen. The larger screen makes viewing easier and more authentic.
The camera
As this model has bigger screen, it also has a camera of higher quality. There is the dynamic 2MP in the V1580. It can certainly give you something more than the 1.3MP camera in the other phones.
The memory
With the MicroSD card the memory can be expanded up to 16GB.
Other features
Among other features, the V1580 has preloaded movie juke box application. For easy and quick data transfer, the Bluetooth A2DP is always at your disposal. Twitter and Facebook apps do exist along with the Opera Mini browser.


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