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The Seven S Steps of the Prodigal Son Towards Starvation

August 07, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Others    Views: 521

The parable of the Prodigal Son is really a wonderful story that portrays the seven descending steps of every sin. Man goes away from God step by step and falls into an ugly mire of sins. But still God is waiting for his return with great love and compassion.


The parable story of the Prodigal Son narrated by Jesus brings out the seven steps through which a man descends into the ugliest mire of a sinful life. But God’s love is so great that He is waiting for man, whom He created with all freedom, to return to His loving embrace. It is the greatest truth revealed by Jesus about God’s Fatherly affection towards man. A true father never stops loving his child, even if the child goes astray, away from the love of the family, but he longs for the child’s return.

The parable of the Prodigal Son

Luke narrates in his Gospel the wonderful story of the Prodigal Son. Since this is a well-known story it is not repeated here. Please read Luke 15: 11-32). The younger son wants to enjoy his freedom, thinking that only his going away from his father can make him happy. He demands partition of the property, collects his share and goes away from his affectionate father to enjoy himself. Step by step, he descends into a sinful life which brings him only depression, disaster and a dead end of hope.

The SEVEN DESCENDING “S” steps towards a sinful life

1) Selfishness

The first step begins with a selfish outlook. Selfishness is more particular about selfish enjoyment. It cannot see the real peace and pleasure that one has in good relationship. The younger son (Prodigal son) thinks that his father and the family atmosphere is a hindrance to his selfish enjoyment. Selfishness plans to go for anything that fills the pleasure of self.

2) Share-claim

THe second step fights for share even at the cost of harming others. The Prodigal Son (PS) claims for the share of his property, which according to the Jewish custom is executed only after the death of the father. In fact, claiming of share means the second son wishes for the death of his father. He thinks that his father’s presence and existence is a hindrance to his enjoyment. Selfishness never thinks of or cares for others, but fights for its own rights. The loving father, instead of rebuking his son for his selfishness, patiently grants him his request.

3) Separation from love

The third step separates one from a loving life. The PS decides to go away from his father as he thinks it would make him free to enjoy in his own way. Ignorance insists independence and hope that it would increase pleasure. He goes away from his father and his own people. He separates from the laws and norms of his tradition. He is not contented even with the life there. Departure from love prompts a sinful state (Ref. Romans 1:21). It dares to involve into any evil activity.

4) Spending in extravagance and sexuality

The fourth step is spending in extravagance for even unnatural pleasures. The PS thinks that money can bring every pleasure. He imagines that sex can fill him with pleasure.

5) Spiritual destruction

The fifth step ends in the spiritual destruction. Away from the laws and norms, the PS is ready to do anything against his own conscience. He is not bothered about anything, including his self-esteem.

6) Self-abuse may be a sin against society

The sixth step descends to self-abuse. The PS destroys his own body and mind in illegal activities that cause him disasters, including diseases. He has to SELL himself into physical slavery for survival. He cannot realize that his sinful presence may destroy even the society he lives in. As he moves on, the whole country is affected with famine.

7) Starvation

The seventh step reaches starvation- starvation in body, mind and spirit. The sinful state of life forces the PS to live among pigs and to fill his stomach with the feeding of pigs, the most detestable condition to the Jewish people. At last, he is forced into utter starvation, even without the feed of the pigs–into a starvation externally and internally.

Just reflect over these seven steps that force man into the most disgraceful and ignominious state of life. But the truth is that God is waiting at every step for the return of the sinner with great compassion and love.

Author: SandeepSunnyJasrotia        
Posted Date: 08/13/2012        


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