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Importance Of Taking Vacations !

August 07, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.40   Views: 921

. Since it is not possible to give time to everyone in our life , we need to prioritise and see that at least our close family gets to spend some quality time with us .So,it is very essential to take vacations as and when you can !


Importance Of Taking Vacations

Considering the fact that life style has changed drastically in the past decade with too many distractions that make people keep to themselves instead of spending time together , it is very essential to take vacations as many times as we can just to keep the family happy and together.In fact it makes sense to make a vacation budget so that you put away a certain amount of your earnings each month towards your annual vacations.

It Provides Fun and Relaxation

Going on a holiday is a fun and exciting experience for the entire family and planning and budgeting is the beginning of this experience.Children too benefit by this when they become part of the planning and budgeting .It makes them realize the value of money also inculcating the saving habit ,respecting family bonds and the importance of cultivating and building relationships.

In many households , these days both the couple work and week days are anyway busy ,weekends too are spent in either cleaning up the house or shopping for the week ahead ! Most housewives are even more busy during weekends since the entire family is at home and the work load like cooking and cleaning increases drastically .Ideally if one can go for a vacation every now and then ,it helps everyone get rest and relaxation besides being together. Also, it is only during family vacations and holidays that the entire family gets to relax and spend lot of time together.It is but natural that this can bring the family closer. Holidays if planned well ,can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family..One must plan and go for holidays as often as possible , since these experiences remain in one’s memory forever !

It strengthens family ties

As long as people are happy and enjoy each others company , it is really good to spend time together ,one can appreciate this kind of togetherness because most of the time you see people getting either irritated or simply bored of each others company when there is no change in the routine, so , a change in the form of a vacation does a lot of positive things for the health of a family .Most families eagerly look forward to be with each other in more relaxed surroundings .When you are faced with your daily routine there is no time for fun , which you have in plenty when you go for a holiday.

Even a weekend spent together can be memorable if everyone feels relaxed and happy ! Most families plan their next holiday the moment they come back from the previous one .For many families, vacation is the only time when they let their hair down and enjoy themselves in the company of their family members.It is also a great time for getting to know each other better. A vacation is also the best time to sort out any differences that might exist between family members and make amends as and when necessary.This helps in strengthening the family ties between members !

Discovering yourself

You could also try going for a vacation all by yourself.I went for a short vacation and found it really enjoyable and therapeutic since I could sort out many issues that were creating problems and troubling me . I got to make many friends,which you may not be able to do ,when you go with your own family since you would obviously want to spend all your time with them. Many people go for a short action all by themselves and come back refreshed with the change , but at the same time , all the more eager to be back with their families .

Considering the fact that life style has changed drastically in the past decade , with too many pressures and distractions like long working hours, tuition for the children,using the internet or the Tv for a long period of time - people keep to themselves instead of spending time together with their close family or for that matter even close relatives and friends .
Since it is not possible to give time to everyone in our life , we need to prioritize and see that at least our close family gets to spend some quality time with us .So,it is very essential to take vacations as and when you can !

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 08/08/2012    Points:3    

The people who are involved in creative work or who have to use their heads and indulge in a lot of such activity really need a break. I can say it from my own experience. Vacations make your mind fresh and no doubt the body too. If one is talking about vacations, the place that one spends the time should be different from the one that you are used to. A different place works as an energizer.
Author: SandeepSunnyJasrotia        
Posted Date: 08/13/2012    Points:1    

The use of vaccination decreased the risk of diseases...This is great...Thanks..

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