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Content Writers and How to Avoid Bad Clients

August 07, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 15   Category: Blogging    Views: 862

ou have to clear your brain and begin with a new string of thoughts. Moreover, you have an inherent feeling of depression and feel sad about the rejection. This can affect your writing skills. Yet, with repeated rejections from a single client, it is best to end the work by referring them to a new writer. It saves time and effort for both, you and the client.


Bad clients are big hassle for freelance writers. Rewrites and rejections are inevitable but when you get too many rejections or review requests from a single client, it may be the case of a ‘bad freelance client’ for you. The only way to solve this problem is to avoid bad clients in the first place. Time and money are two important things for freelance writers. As a writer, you juggle with deadlines, word limits, fresh and original content and more. Amidst all this, rewriting the same article repeatedly can cause frustration.

How to Spot a Bad Content Client

How can content writers spot a bad client? Check for client reviews. Websites like Textbroker provide writer reviews on clients. This helps you to know the rejection rate of a client. You can then avoid content writing clients with higher percentage of rejection rate. When you browse multiple forums and content writer groups, you can get to know more about bad clients and way to avoid them.

Rewrites v/s Revisions

When a client asks you to revise your article copy, it is simple. You merely tweak a few sentences with bad grammar. These revisions hardly take any time and you can finish it over a cup of coffee. Such a client will accept your article after revisions and has a rare one percent chance of rejection.

On the other hand, when a client asks for a rewrite, you can smell a problem. The client may want you to write a fresh copy and does not seem to be happy with the first draft. The problem here is that you write the first article with much confidence. You think that you understand the guidelines and needs of the client. However, when the client asks for a rewrite, it is tough to write from scratch. You have to clear your brain and begin with a new string of thoughts. Moreover, you have an inherent feeling of depression and feel sad about the rejection. This can affect your writing skills.

How to Deal with the First Rejection

If the client rejects your article for the first time and asks for a rewrite, remember two things. Firstly, the client likes your ideas and writing style, which is why he responded to give you another chance. Secondly, avoid miscommunication. Send an email with an apology. Then ask for specific details that the client needs. Then begin to write your article and send it across.

Calm and Cool Response as Content Writer

If you get one mail for a rewrite, do not lose your temper. If you do so, you may lose a good opportunity. Instead, work your way through it. Communicate with the client and let them know the links and sources for your article. Give them your line of thought for the rewrite and ask for a feedback.

Client is unhappy with Rewrite

If the client is unhappy with the rewrite, there is no point wasting your time there. The best solution is to give a referral. Recommend another writer for the job and wish him good luck. Maybe it was not a job for you.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 08/08/2012    Points:3    

These are some excellent tips who are looking to start their writing career. No one can know how a client will behave in the future or how his background was if there was no way to gauge it. But the features like you mentioned to put in the reviews for the clients help in deciding what sort of a person he would be. I think everyone should go through these tips to avoid any future frustration.

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