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Best Tips to Handle Stress during Pregnancy

August 07, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1066

Do not worry too much, eat a balanced diet, take walks during the day, and avoid foods or thoughts that cause stress during pregnancy. Even if it is your first time, do not stress yourself over pregnancy. Avoid too much caffeine and drink plenty of water. Regular massage and bath salts can help during pregnancy.


Stress and pregnancy seem to be best friends. Both go hand in hand. When you first think of planning for pregnancy, you get sweats. This is common for first time pregnancy. The couple has a hard time to plan and they have several questions about it. First time mothers seem confused, clueless and scared. All this can cause a lot of stress.

Emotional Stress and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause a lot of emotional stress. If the pregnant woman is away from home, she may miss her mother a lot. Prenatal and postnatal care is quite important and pregnant women need to take good care of them. Thinking about the arrival of a new addition to the family can cause some emotional stress. At times, you may think you are not ready. The whole idea of labor can seem scary. However, do not worry. Labor is a natural process and will happen in due course. Keep calm and think happy thoughts.

Causes of Stress during Pregnancy

There is no single cause for stress. Especially for first time mothers, everything is new. Talk to your gynecologist when you go for your regular checkups. Ask questions and clarify all your doubts. Do not stress over the weight gain during pregnancy. Many women feel stress and worry over the way they look. Cramps and pains can also be quite stressful. If it is your first time, you will be scared. However, do not worry too much. Stress is not good and can cause miscarriage too. This is why pregnant women get the advice to think happy thoughts and worry less.

How to beat Pregnancy Stress

There can be several interesting ways to beat stress during pregnancy. In fact, this is the best time to take care of you and your body. Do not fret over weight gain and other small issues. Read books related to pregnancy, forget all worries and enjoy this phase of life. Here are some more tips to beat the stress during pregnancy-

Sufficient Rest during Pregnancy

If you work full time, try to take less stress at work. Speak to your manager about your health and pregnancy. They will surely take care of you. If you stay at home, be careful with the cleaning and house chores. You still need plenty of rest and relaxation during pregnancy. Avoid lifting heavy objects and do not perform intense exercises. This is the time when your family members should pamper you and take good care of you and not vice versa.

Frequent Breaks at Work

If you work, take frequent breaks during pregnancy. Get up and walk for a few minutes, stretch your feet and hands. Drink plenty of water and go outside the office for a breath of fresh air. It is fine if wish to take a short nap or eat a snack in between work. Do it when you want to.

Forget about Labor Blues

Do not worry about labor. You have doctors and your family to take care of you. Many hospitals offer epidural to minimize pain during labor. It is quite effective and a very common procedure in the US. You can ask about it at your medical center. Moreover, when you stress less, you have fewer worries. Focus on your diet, moderate exercise and lifestyle. Join prenatal exercise classes and consult your doctor before you begin any new exercises or dietary changes.

Spend time with Spouse

Husbands should pamper their wives during this period. They should take care of the wife and spend good time with them. Talk about happy topics and bring her surprise gifts. Arrange is surprise baby shower party and see the glow in your wife’s face. Go together to buy baby stuff and shopping.

Take time to exercise everyday during pregnancy. This is a good way to prepare for labor and to beat the weight gain after pregnancy. You feel fit and alleviate stress with regular exercise. Eat good balanced meals with high protein and fiber. All these tips will help to eliminate stress and tension during pregnancy.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 08/15/2012    Points:3    

My wife is expecting. This will be the first time parenthood for us. And these tips are extremely helpful for both of us. I hope to share these with her and I am pretty much sure we both will benefit from this a lot. You said it right, spending time with each other is of vital importance in such a moment.

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