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Extra Sensory Perception

August 08, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 615

Though we are coming across with a lot of divine healers and soothe sayers daily who turned to be fakes later, we can not reject the power behind these phenomenon as an absurd. Scientists are saying that there is something behind these types of miracles


Science and technology has developed to the extent of sending people to space. Unfortunately we are hearing more and more about black magic. People are turning more religious nowadays and we have already heard about a number of God men flourished on the money of devotees. We have heard about a lot about the cheatings and malpractices of many of these so called representatives of God. Still, more and more people are getting attracted towards them.

At the same time, though less in number, several people who claimed to be rational are fighting against such blind beliefs and cheatings in the name of god and religion too. In total the general public is in confusion. They are quite puzzled over who is saying the truth. They are not ready to accept the words of the rationalists totally. Because, in the daily life we are experiencing many things which can not be explained on the basis of the knowledge humankind acquired so far.

You might have experienced quite a few things of these kinds in your life. While sitting in loneliness you might have heard a sweet music from nowhere and even after an intense search you could not find the source of it. Sometimes you might have heard a murmuring. The voice may be familiar to you; still you may not be able to find out the person in your vicinity. Some of the predictions made on your life might have come true. Some of your dreams might have become the realities. Most of us prefer to reject it as mere coincidence as we did not want to waste our time on thinking about it. However, many psychologists did not do that. They are telling that these things are not just coincidences. They claim that these things are the result of an extrasensory power or ESP as they call it in short.

These types of miracles have occurred even before and the psychologists were very much interested in the truth behind these miracles. They are not ready to neglect it as a coincidence. The Society for Psychical Research, London has started various researches on this subject as early as 1882. According to the scientists who had researched in this subject, the body has a facility to receive information even without the help of the five recognized senses. Usually the body gets information through any of the senses either by sight, smell, taste, or by hearing. Here in this case, none of these sensing organs are involved. Hence it is called Extra Sensory Perception or ESP in short.

The name was first used by the scientist Richard Francis Burton in 1870. But it has become more popular after the experiments conducted by J.B. Rhine of Duke University, North Carolina in 1930. He conducted his experiments using a set of cards called as Zynar Cards. These set cards contain a number of cards with four different types of designs such as cross, wavy lines, square and Star. This set of cards will get shuffled and the person who is being experimented has asked to tell the order in which the cards with four different designs are arranged in the pack. A person will get twenty five chances to tell the right order. A twenty percent of his or her predictions will be right by chance. Whatever is above that is being considered as the influence of ESP. This test is now available in some websites too.

Though, Rhine was very much confident about its results, the world of science did not approve his experiments and the results. According to them, the experiment was not done in a laboratory condition and the results, when tried several times on a same person varied. However the supporters of ESP have their own argument for this variation. According to them, ESP is a spontaneous process and it can not be researched in laboratories as other scientific researches. The ESP in a person will vary depending on his physical and psychic conditions. Hence a laboratory experiment is not possible on this subject. The only available provision is to do case to case studies.

Since the experiments of Rhine, several studies have been conducted in different parts of the world. Almost all studies were done upon miracles reported from different parts of the world. From these studies and with the help of the theories of meta-physics, the scientists have come to a conclusion. According to them, there are two worlds, the physical world where we live and an invisible world. Every movements in this physical world is being determined at the invisible world and the energy waves for performing that specific act will be sent from this invisible world. Human beings have two sub conscious minds where they call one as super conscious mind. The barrier between this super conscious mind and the invisible world is too thin and when it breaks the information from this invisible world passes to this super conscious mind as signals. Thus the body receives information without the help of any recognized sensing organs.

The ESP is not same in all the persons. Some may get it by birth and some others achieve this power through various mental exercises such as meditation etc. The predictions of the people who have ESP in great amount will come true as they receive the information from the invisible world much earlier than the time of its happening.

Though, the supporters of ESP have a number of other things to point out as examples, the predictions of Nostradamus have been considered as the best examples.

Michael De Nostradame, more popularly known as Nostradamus was a person who lived in France in the 16th century. After dropping the formal education in half way he wandered around learning natural medicine for over eight years. While practicing as an apothecary, he got interested in astrology and occult science. After learning a bit he started his profession as a soothe teller. He made several predictions and most of them became true. Then people started regarding him as a representative of devil. In 1550 he has published his predictions as a book in French. The book, “Les Prophaties” has been published as The Prophecies. This contains his prophecies which have been written as quadrates in French. Many believe that he has predicted about the two world wars, rise and fall of Napoleon and Hitler etc. it says that he had even predicted about the 9/11 incident.

Even now the researches are being conducted in this area by many people in different parts of the world. In these days where the science is coming out with many evidences to prove that, whatever we have taken as truth till now are not the real truths, we can expect more miracles here also.

Author: SandeepSunnyJasrotia        
Posted Date: 08/12/2012    Points:1    

I agree with you...meditation can induce ESP....This can make a man..A super man...

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