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Towards a Smart Home

August 08, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 569

Home is not a roof over four walls. It should keep you in good mood and also secured. Here is the way to make your life more comfortable at home


The concept of home has come to exist as the people started thinking about a shelter to protect themselves from wild animals and natural adversaries. Natural caves were the first homes of men and slowly they started constructing houses using natural resources such as woods and leaves. As the time passes, the concept of house has also changed a lot. From a structure that provides shelter, it has evolved to a place where people live in. In other words, it became a structure which influences their moods and sentiments. The beautification of homes has become a profession and many people used to take the help of professionals in making their homes more beautiful and attractive.
As the time passes, life has become more complicated and the home started demanding more security and comfort too. Many researches have been conducted at various quarters regarding making the life at home more safe and comfortable. These researches resulted in the present day home automation.
It is a system that integrates all electrical appliances in a home. At the beginning, the system has been introduced as a lighting automation system, where all the lightings in a house can be operated from a single point. Later, with the introduction of sensors, it helped to switch on or switch off lights when a person enters or leaves the rooms. Thus, more than convenience it helped to control the consumption of power.

Home automation systems have undergone tremendous changes since its introduction. Nowadays it provides more comfort and security than just controlling the lightings. Various electronic security devices such as smoke detectors, intrusion sensors etc can be connected to this system. It also has the provision to incorporate closed circuit camera systems. The present day home automation systems enable you to operate it even from a remote location through internet. Thus it provides you the chance to monitor the happenings at your home even when you are not there.

If you have smoke detectors connected to home automation system, the auto-dialer facility provided in the system will pass on the information regarding fire mishaps to several phone numbers including that of fire department and police. Intrusion Detectors or the burglar alarms, as they known more commonly also can be incorporated with this system. Thus it keeps your home secured even in your absence.

The most modern home automation system has the ability not only to detect the presence of people, but also to identify the person. It can switch on the lights as per the requirements of the person and also can adjust the room temperature, if the Air Conditioner is connected to home automation system. The wonder of modern day home automation systems do not stop there. It can switch on your favorite music or your favorite channel as soon as you enter the room. It also helps the elderly people to operate various appliances at home.

Though, it can make your life more secured and comfortable, most of the people fear to go for home automation systems because of the cost factor. This is not true. Home automation systems are available in different ranges. Lesser your requirement lesser will be the cost. After all, it is a one time investment and it does not cost as much as the amount we spend for the beautification of the houses. Certainly it requires a regular maintenance. However these charges can be adjusted towards the energy charges you have saved by using home automation systems.


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