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Importance of Study Space at Home for Kids

August 08, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 985

Why is it important to have a study space for kids? Well, unlike adults, kids get easily distracted. Hence, you cannot watch television or listen to loud music while kids do their homework. Parents should join the kids in this learning process and guide them. This inculcates good study habits and discipline from an early age. Here is how to create a good study space at home for the kids.


Is homework an interesting thing for the kids? It can be made interesting if the entire family makes an involvement. If parents help their kids and guide them with the projects and assignments, the kids will develop an interest and will want to learn more. The younger siblings may also want to join in the fun and absorb new ideas, thereby gaining knowledge in the process.

Stay Organized with Studies

If the home is organized, it is easy for the kids to concentrate on homework and assignments. Parents can take a few minutes every day and set up a corner table with study supplies. Organize all pens, pencils, coloring material, craft materials and books in one place. You can buy a table organizer or a small desk with drawers and mark each drawer with things that it contains. Thus, the kids or parents will not have to waste time searching for things during study time.

Clean and Coordinated Study Area

Homes can be somewhat messy but it is good to keep the study space tidy and organized. Kids should have a silent and quiet area for homework and school prep. It inculcates good study habits and discipline. Never play loud music or television when the kids are studying and doing their homework. It is fine if the kids want to study at the kitchen table while the mother does her cooking. She can keep an eye on the kids and help them out with their work while she cooks. Give the kids a cookie or a glass of juice as a compliment for their hard work!

Good Environment for Study

Keep the home quiet and well lit for the kids to study or for their homework chores. You may have a bad day at work but homework time may not be the ideal time to lose your temper or pick a fight with the spouse.

It is also important to have enough light and fresh air in the room during the kids’ study time. Good light and radiation screens on computer can help the kids a lot. These things minimize strain to the eye. A good chair is also important for proper focus during study time. Do not clutter the table or desk with too many things. Avoid water or milk mugs near the table, to prevent accidental spills while writing or drawing an assignment.

Study Space for Many Kids in the House

You may have two or more kids. At times, your kid may invite friends for combined study. For this, you can throw a rug on the floor for the kids to sit and study. Keep extra folders and bins for the kids to use. You can also buy cheap lap desks online. These will be useful when the table is smaller or when the kids want to sit on floor or the sofa to read and write.

Ask About Homework

As soon as kids come from school, ask them about their day and homework. Encourage them to complete their work before going to play. Once this becomes a daily habit, the kids will do their homework without supervision. It is the parents’ responsibility to check their kids’ assignments and homework before going to bed.

These days, thanks to technology, you can use your flat screen television as a computer monitor. You can use it for the kids’ assignments and homework. Let them create their class presentations on the large screen. You can also buy a medium or big blackboard at home. The kids can use it to solve math problems and study. Such small activities can make homework a fun activity.

Author: SandeepSunnyJasrotia        
Posted Date: 08/12/2012    Points:1    

Nice share...Kids also need their own comfort...So time management also works for this...Smile..
Author: Mohamadi Quadri        
Posted Date: 10/18/2012    Points:2    

Yes, many kids are not interested to study or do the homework. But making it interesting will help the kid to concentrate in studies and complete their homework easily.

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