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Online Marketing- The New Generation Marketing

August 09, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 691

As everybody agrees, marketing is the backbone of any business. From the time immemorial, people used various techniques to market their business. Whether it is selling a product or rendering a service for a fee, the general public should be aware of it. Then only you can develop your business. Online marketing has proved very effective in this regard.


Business people resort to various methods to advertise their products and services. They are aware that their business should get publicity and hence advertisement is a must in any type of business. Earlier days, most of the companies used to approach the prospective customers directly with the help of front line sales executives or agents. This system seemed to be effective in the earlier stages as it enables a personal interaction between the company and the customers. However as the time passed the customer base has increased and it has become very difficult to reach all the prospective customers in person. Besides, here the personal caliber of the executive has a lot to do as he can either make or mar a customer with his behavior, way of talking etc.

Then comes the conventional methods of advertisements such as hoardings, banners etc. Though it used to attract the attention of the beholders with its colorful and attractive designs in the initial stages, once the number of such banners etc has increased, people used to ignore those mostly. Advertisement in the print media too became worthless. In these busy days, nobody has the time to read a newspaper fully, leave alone the advertisements in it. Besides, by the arrival of television, people used to resort on news channels more than news papers.

When various entertainment channels have become favorites of many households, the advertisers put their eye on that. With eye catching advertisements they could create interests in viewers initially. However the repeated showing of advertisements continuously for months created a sort of boredom in the minds of the viewers. Even you will agree with this statement as you have the habit of changing the channel during the commercial breaks.

Finally, there came the latest media of advertisement, the internet. This media has a lot of advantages over other media of advertisements. The first among all is its widest reach. An advertisement in internet will reach entire world. Second most important advantage is that there is a provision to reach the advertisements to the desired people. The advertisements such as email marketing chain mails etc play an important role in this regard.

There are many agencies are working in this field who can help you in advertising your product through internet. It does not mean that everything is over by creating a website. You should increase the traffic into your website and also let the prospective customers know that such a website is existing. These agencies will have a huge data of emails and this list is being classified, depending various things like age, income, educational qualifications etc. With this segregated list of email addresses, these agencies can ensure you that the messages are going to the appropriate class of people only. Second thing you will have to do to increase the traffic to your website is to make it in the top of the list of search engines. SEO content writers can help you in this regard.

Another method to increase the traffic is through referring. You can offer a special discount or a special gift to the people who are forwarding your message to a particular number of people. In this way your message will reach to the maximum number of people. Thus you can use internet to boost your business in more than a way.

Author: SandeepSunnyJasrotia        
Posted Date: 08/12/2012        

Nice share...Useful info..
Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 09/03/2013    Points:5    

That was a very useful post explaining the various modes of marketing.Marketing is very important for any business...it gives the business a recognition.Marketing is of many means like Internet Marketing,Offline Marketing,banner ads,SEO,Mobile Marketing etc.Internet marketing involves E-mail marketing,article submission etc.Offline marketing includes providing newsletters,posts,through television ads.SEO includes usage of suggested keywords/topics and submission in major search engines.Mobile marketing includes tele-calling,SMS,MMS etc.There are providers like http://www.thewebpole.com/ where they provide the email marketing service,SEO techniques,PPC to improve the business.

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