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Did Ram exist : circumstantial evidences

August 12, 2012  by: jaishankar  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 756

The popularity of Lord Shri Ram is a proof that clearly shows He was not merely a mythological character.


There has been a controversy regarding Lord Shri Ram’s historical status. Some scholars are of the opinion that Shri Ram was just an imaginary character. Others show evidences that they claim are conclusive to prove that Shri Ram was a historical figure and that there was a time when He existed.
I am neither a historian nor an archaeologist and so don’t want to be a party to the dispute. Still, as a common man, I wonder how an imaginary character can get so much assimilated with the day-to-day life of a whole nation. I am going to present here what you may call “circumstantial evidences” vindicating Ram’s historical status.
India is a country with a overwhelming Hindu majority. You don’t need to have watchful eyes to notice how this vast and vibrant community seeks to identify itself with Shri Ram.
Millions of Hindus begin and end their day chanting the holy name of Shri Ram. Chanting the name of Ram is the easiest way to attain God.
Millions of Hindus name after their sons after Ram and millions of girls are christened “Sita” (Ram’s wife). This shows their inner desire to see their sons and daughter as noble and great as Ram and Sita.
Folk songs depicting joyous celebrations on the birthday of Ram and his marriage with Sita are still sung by women when a child is born in a Hindu household or a marriage ceremony is held in the family.
On seeing or hearing something shocking, a Hindu would exclaim “Hey Ram!” And when in grief, the first cry coming out of their heart would be, “Hey Ram!”
If a Hindu chances to see, hear or unknowingly touch something filthy or disgusting or something unethical or morally wrong being done or hears foul and filthy language being used, they spontaneously chant “Ram, Ram” perhaps in order to purify his senses and soul.
Millions swear by Ram to convince others of his or her innocence who allege them of doing something wrong, illegal, immoral or unethical.
The holy name of Ram has even become the most popular saluation. Hindu greets their friends and acquaintances by saying “Ram Ram” or “Jai Ram ji ki.”
Every Hindu who is not an atheist nourishes a yearning to take his last breath with the holy name of Ram on his lips.
So much so that when a Hindu dies, people take the dead body to the cremation ground chanting “Ram nam satya hai.”
Can the name of an imaginary character cast such a miraculous spell on a whole nation, and that too for millenniums.
No place and nothing set to be concerned with Ram’s life is imaginary. His birth place (Ayodhya), all the places and mountains where he had stayed during his “Vanvaas”, the “Shivlingam” (Rameshwaram) He had established on the beach of Indian Ocean, the country ruled over by Ravana and even the banyan tree, “Akshayavata”, that is said to be planted by his wife Sita are still there and you may visit them. All these places still retain the reminiscences of Ram.
Ram had got a bridge built on the beach of the Indian Ocean with the help of Nala and Nila in order to attack Lanka. A few years ago NASA had discovered the bridge under waters in the Indian Ocean. Is it just a coincidence? No such bridge is found anywhere in any sea or ocean in the world. Can we just laugh off the claim that it is the Ramsetu, the bridge built by ShreeRam.
Even now, thousands of years after ShriRam left this world, he continues to be as ineffably popular as he might have been as the king of Ayodhya.
Recall the unprecedented and awe-inspiring popularity of the Hindu tv serial “Ramayan” that was aired in the later part of 80s.
This ineffable fame of Shri Ram had also often been used by Politicians to achieve controversial goals. Remember the Ram janmbhumi movement in 1989 and 1992. Those were the turbulent years when the Karsevaks stormed Ayodhya defying the strict ban imposed by the state government on entering the town, in order to build a Ram temple in the place of the disputed mosque.
Was it the BJP or the RSS or the VHP that had made the movement so effective and irrepressible? If it is they, then why is it that the BJP has not been able to form the government on its own?
Have you ever seen your heard of millions of people taking to streets for any imaginary character?
No the people were inspired by their love for the noble character and the irresistibly magnetic personality of Shri Ram.
Evidences vindicating the historical status of Shri Ram are scattered everywhere not only in our own country, but also in the whole South-East-Asia. Ram existed, still exists and will continue to exist so long as our country exists on this planet.
We, as one of the most ancient and civilised nations, can’t and should not ignore the reminiscences of our leading lights that have become symbols of our country.


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