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Can Your Nose Save Your Marital Life?

August 12, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 464

Are you facing troubles in adjusting with your spouse? Is your marital life at the verge of failure? Are you disappointed and disgusted in your relationships? Believe, you can save your marital life with a nasal spray.


Failures in marital life are increasing in an epidemic speed. Thousands of families are standing at gates of courts, for filing divorce cases or fighting for separation. Globalized and consumerist modern lifestyle has brought in a lot of issues in family relationships. The emotional and psychological conditions that give rise to relationship are undergoing many critical trials. Just a simple misunderstanding or doubt is enough to cause a great breach in the marital relationship.

Emotions and psychological conditions have a great role in marital life. Secrets to a successful marriage may lie in your senses and activating them properly. Researches say that many wedded relationships can be protected by using alternative medicines that do this. A latest research has revealed that a nasal spray that contains oxytocin can help to reduce the heat of arguments and protect marriages.

How can your nose save your marital life?

It may be hard for you to believe that the sense organs in your nostrils play an important role in marital life. Smell is your index of passion, potency and performance that lead to a successful marital life. Scientific studies claim that the sex organs in the nose, called “Vemeronasal Organs”, possess pheromones-receptors and activate the sense organs. But it is a surprising fact that sharpness and priorities of smell are not the same in male and female. Utilizing this odor sense of living beings, ancient medical systems and modern scientists hope that artificial fragrances can change the emotional and psychological conditions that lead to frictions in life.

Ancient medicines using smell to enhance marital relationship

Utilizing the sense of smell to build up marital relationship is not new to humanity. Do you know why the Mayans and Incans wore vanilla during their marriage ceremonies? Do you know sexy scents were used in ancient medicines to strengthen marriages? Alternative medicines say that bergamot enlivens sex life, ylang ylang promotes balance and harmony, lavender creates playful mood, musk boosts sexual intimacy, and civet enhances sexual prowess.

Ayurveda gives herbal solutions to build up marital relationship and to promote good understanding between the spouses. For example, it suggests using ashwagandha the which actually means “the smell of a horse,” enhances sexual vitality and promotes better relationship between couples.

A recent research of nasal spray to protect marital relationship

A recent research by the University of Zurich has revealed that a nasal spray can change the mood of the couples and avoid unnecessary problems. The couples who sprayed themselves with a spray containing the hormone oxytocin when they were about to be involved in heated discussions and the results of their behaviors were positive. Their mood seemed to be changed and calm after using this nasal spray. it reduced the anxiety and calmed down the nervous system during the hot discussions. This helped promoting agreement between the couples.

Think of the common good and strengthen marital relationship

Marital relationship is very important in building up a healthy society. Think of using alternatives such as oxytocin nasal spray to avoid disagreement between spouses. Your sense of smell can save your marriage. It is good for your health. It is good for families. It is good for the whole humanity.


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