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How to get free targeted traffic Youtube

August 13, 2012  by: SandeepSunnyJasrotia  Points: 25   Category: Blogging    Views: 1215

Youtube is the site where you can make money on video views....Its easy... How to get traffic and increase views....


Friends,Many are trying to organize a business on the internet and it's commendable. The question naturally arises, but can not we help with this service ..Youtube?Can we get out and organize the traffic with the help of the Internet - the sale?

Well, as usual, ahead of the rest, and in full use of his opportunities well, on our regular habit of lagging behind the civilized internet - Entrepreneurs.

Some of our colleagues have already started to explore it yet for many of the "white spot" for businesses - opportunities but while this is not a mass character. The first What they started doing on the site Youtube, is the unwinding of their videos its brand and increase subscription base.

In a series of feature articles, dedicated work with the service we touch on some Youtube the following order which I think will be interesting to a wide range of audiences:

Secrets of use video and Youtube to attract free targeted traffic to our Youtube site

*How to give a second life is already busy video

*How to start promoting their video material on Youtube

*Analysis of real case studies

*A simple 3 - step process to get the video traffic

*How to increase traffic video and Youtube

*Advanced Chips

To date, one of the best types of traffic,that comes to our site , Visitors are from Youtube and here's why:

1.This is a free form of traffic Unlike usersthat come to our website from contextual advertising.

2.It is possible to increase our video and channel in contrast to the same Twitter, where new visitors can not see our tweets. Same old video with age only strengthen their position and go up higher in search engine rankings of Google and Youtube.

3.Youtube is a great way to build your personal brand because video is the best way to build a trusting relationship between the author and the movie people that they are browsing.

4.Service Stats Youtube simply stunning and we will return to it.

5.The Google search engine loves Youtube, because in 2006 it was bought by Google and guidance so that you can often see the videos from Youtube in search results of
Google and to get out extra targeted traffic Youtube.

6.Content in the form of video provides the most complete information to the user as opposed to text content, or audio podcasts.

7.According to foreign researchers conversion of visitorscome on site to six!!! times higher than the conversion of visitors came to the site on contextual advertising, and yet in runet they are very targeted audience.

8.And according to local bloggers actively engaged in promotion of their sites in search engines Youtube and social networking traffic in percentage terms as follows:
a.) Search engines
b.) Youtube
c.) In Touch
d.) Facebook
e.) Twitter

The stunning stats:

1.Youtube takes 55% of the total market video platforms

2.Every minute loaded 60 hours video

3.In 2011, video on Youtube more than a trillion views.

Visitors browsing on Youtube three billion videos a day.

4.After Google Youtube - this is the second search engine in the world.

5.The average visitor spends on the Youtube site for more than fifteen minutes a day ( the average age of the visitor of this resource is from 18 to 54 years).

6.Thus, the What Youtube can give us specifically?

*We can get to the top of Google for key searches promoted by us in Youtube.
*We can get on the front page of Youtube promoted our key demands.

You understand that that if people something to look for key words, this is our target audience, Youtube is traffic and it's not the traffic which falls as a result of viral marketing and just wind the counter ( although it is also a positive factor to enhance behavioral factors on the blog but the conversion is minimal ).

Myths on Youtube!

1.Video takes a lot of time and effort: Indeed, the this fact holds the most important thing is not to hit in perfectionism, otherwise, a "professional" movie will be done the rest of his life.

2.You need to have expensive equipment, it is desirable but not necessarily. I have seen many beautiful spots in the untwisted Youtube, Presented at the "knee" but at the expense of proper optimization of a large number of hits received.

3.It is necessary to understand the video editing ( need but not necessarily))) ).

4.You have to be on camera ( not necessarily You can make a great movie and stay behind the scenes ).

5.I've tried.. Does not work ( Well, is the standard "excuse", suitable for all occasions).

A simple 3-step algorithm that what should we do in Youtube:

1.Research - this concept is the selection of keywords: In other words, We have to find something that we are looking for Clint and udovoletvorit their problem, and here we use the same services statistics keywords Yandex and Google, that when optimizing our textual content, and study those queries, that additional people are looking on the internet.
By the way, Youtube also has a similar service statistics keywords but it is designed to promote movies among English-speaking audience.

2."Catchy" video and should not be confused with "viral" Video , which we have already talked about earlier: therefore, what to do in order so video was "catchy":
*Average length video 2 - 3 minutes ( a Youtube is the ability to track , a visitor views video and if they are on the way - reason the movie did not inspect until the end and go, it has a negative impact on its rating. An experiment has withdrawn, show that the optimal time is three minutes.

*If you can, edit video
*Add music, which would create an emotional background
*Give something attractive to create a visual background
*Involvement ( Involve the audience in discussion and debate)

3. Essential components of Video :
1.Entry or video - Bumper , in which we present ourselves represent the brand of the site or channel and give a brief one - two sentences, Announcement of what we say in the video.

2.The qualitative content of how and what we say in the video.

3.Call to Action ( type: subscribe to my channel put "like" under this Video , write a comment subscribe to my newsletter, etc. ) and specify the reason to which they should commit your desired effect.

If you do not want to be on camera, you can make movies:

1.Create a presentation in Powerpoint / Keynote
2.Create a guide in the program Camtasia / Screenflow
3.Create Video , using tools and applications service Youtube.com / create
4.Audio / podcasts.
5.Skype interview
8.VIdeo editing softwares

You can also see this article at wikinut - http://www.wikinut.com/how-to-get-free-targeted-traffic-youtube/xtod5gwj/1ir2qajm/



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