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Why You Feel Sad About Your Weight Gain

August 15, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 689

Does weight gain make you sad? Here are some reasons that make you sad about weight gain.


Very rarely, people feel happy about weight gain. Weight gain due to pregnancy, medical condition and aging are inevitable. However, these days, weight gain is mostly due to lack of exercise, binge eating, and alcohol consumption and desk jobs. If you are not pregnant, you are not visibly happy about the weight gain. Yet, weight gain and beer belly does happen to most people at various times.

You may not stick to your exercise schedule and diet plan forever. During fluctuating emotional moments, your priorities may vary and weight might not be on top of the priority list. Let us see why people feel sad about their weight gain.

Ill Fitting Clothes

Many people feel sad because they are no longer high school skinny. They cannot fit into their school or college jeans and shirts. Their friends however, look as skinny as before and do not seem to face any weight gain problems. Now, one does feel unhappy about the weight gain in comparison to friends and peers.

Comments about Weight Gain

Colleagues at work or friends and family members may rebuke at your weight gain. They may say something about the way you look “puffy” or heavy. Of course, you already know it but it seems harsh when you hear the truthful words from others. This can also make you conscious and probably kick start the motivation to get back to your workout routine.

Medication and Weight Gain

Medications can cause weight gain too and that is hardly your fault. When you are ill and take medication, you cannot exercise and workout a lot. You may need a lot of rest and relaxation. All this can cause weight gain because you remain on bed or less active.

Depression and Weight Gain

When in depression, you resort to comfort foods like cheese, chocolates, ice cream, fried foods and pizzas. All this contain many calories and saturated fats. Thus, eventually lead to weight gain due to constant consumption of high calorie foods. Finally, you seem to gain weight and unable to fit into your old clothes. This may make you more unhappy and depressed.

Work and Weight Gain

Office work and stress can also cause weight gain, thus making you unhappy. Too many hours in front of the computer can cause fatigue and exhaustion. You tend to binge eat or drink too many sodas while at work. All this can lead to weight gain and obesity. After work, you hardly feel energetic to work out at the gym. Check out if your office has a gym facility or offers free gym membership. It can motivate you to lose weight rather than make you unhappy about weight gain.


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