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What are Essential Oils? Benefits of Essential Oils

August 16, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 872

Essential oils are popular for aromatherapy, de-stress and toxin cleansing. The health benefits of essential oils was known to our ancestors. They used it for bath and massage. Now, most beauty salons and therapy centers use essential oils for skin and body rejuvenation.


What are Essential Oils? We read a lot about essential oils for skin and aromatherapy essential oils. In simple terms, essential oils are natural plant oils made by pressing the plant or fruit. These oils do not contain any synthetic scents and fragrances.

Why are some essential oils expensive? It all depends on the material and quantity of the essential oil. Usually, fruit or citrus essential oils are cheaper than the essential oils made from flowers. This is because less citrus fruit or plant is enough to manufacture a bigger amount of oil. On the other hand, many pounds of flowers will make a smaller amount of essential oil. Hence, citrus essential oils are cheaper than flower extract oils.

Essential Oil Uses

What are the uses of essential oils? You can use essential oils for aromatherapy, skin treatment, and body massage and hair treatment. Some essential oils are also good for curing breathing problems like asthma. You may know about eucalyptus oil. It is a very powerful remedy to cure aches, chills, flu, cold and cough.

Essential Skin oil

There are many different types of essential skin oils. These include chamomile, lemon, rose, lavender, geranium, rosemary, sandalwood, ylang ylang and more. You can use one or a blend of different skin essential oils. You can also blend an essential oil with milk, honey and vitamin E extract to make a perfect face mask at home.

Skin oils like Ylang Ylang, rose oil and jojoba are excellent remedies for dry and sensitive skin. You can use these oils for reducing inflammations and soothe your itchy skin. Lemon essential oil is ideal to remove tan and excess oil from face. You can use it to cleanse and brighten your face and skin.

Rosemary and avocado oils are good for aging skin. You can use these to avoid sagging skin and wrinkles. Rosemary oil is also good for pregnant women. These days, many salons and beauty parlors use essential oils for massage and facials. These have excellent healing element and are safe for all skin types. You need not worry about any side effects when you use these natural essential oils on your skin.

Buy Essential Oils

Buying essential oils is a little tricky. If you have any oil stores in the city, you can go there and search for good organic essential oils. If you have to buy essential oils in a cosmetic or retail store, then you should be careful and read the labels well before making your purchase.

Do not buy identical natural oil or fragrant oil. These are not pure essential oils. Many brands contain perfumed and chemical laden essential oils. These will not have same effect as the natural and 100 per cent pure essential oils. Never purchase essential oils in a clear glass container. Many vendors may have small and tiny glass bottles with essential oils. There are higher chances that these are perfumed and not purely natural. You can buy essential oil if the label mentions it as 100 percent steamed and distilled.

Essential Oil Blends

You can browse online about the best way to blend essential oils for your skin care. You will read that citrus essential oils ideally blend well with the spice-based oils like nutmeg extracts, ginger or clove extracts. If it is your first time, then take a drop of oil at a time and blend it. Then, smell it to see how if feels. You can also do a patch test by applying a little on your palm.

Instead of blending larger amounts of essential oils, blend small amounts at a time. Once you learn to blend the oils and become familiar with the smells and effects, you can try a wider variety and blend more essential oils. A simple trick is not to mix more than three different essential oils at a time. With three or less essential oils in a blend, you get the perfect scent and good benefits. If you like, you can also make scented candles, add some essential oil to your laundry and even make a nice room freshener.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Why aromatherapy uses essential oils? Only concentrated and pure forms of essential oils work are useful for aromatherapy. They help to create the ideal relaxing effect. Essential oils and aromatherapy helps to relax from stress, soothe the tensed muscles and works as a toxin cleanser. You can inhale the essential oil, take a massage with it or use it in a steam room and in your bathtub.

In ayurvedic therapy centers, they use essential oils directly on the skin. The masseurs use it on your forehead, neck, feet, back, tummy and hair. A good massage helps to rejuvenate and de-stress. Kerala is popular for such massage therapies. Even in California, they use mud baths and essential oil massages in various massage centers, especially in Napa Valley.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 08/16/2012    Points:3    

Excellent article rekha, very well written as always...Oils are the essence of life itself and the olden day people knew its value,it was very popular with the Egyptians , who made it a part of their treasure to be tombed along with them when they die, since the belief was that they went to another world :)

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