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Vitamins for Depression and Natural Cures for Depression

August 16, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 822

Happy in isolation, face fatigue and exhaustion? These might be the very symptoms of depression. Change your lifestyle, add more physical activities, develop a hobby and take some vitamins for depression.


Dullness, sadness and loss of self-confidence seem to be leading a person to depression. These are the very symptoms of depression. A person with these symptoms feels inferior, has negative and suicidal thoughts all the time. Everything seems dull and lifeless. Such people often feel good in isolation and lose all interest in life. This is common in today’s times when we have busy schedules and hardly find time to interact in person. Of course, people with positive mind will remain cheerful in a desert too but people with depression will feel isolation even amidst a singing concert.

Depression Symptoms

Today, every type of information is available on Google. You can search online for various depression symptoms. If you or a loved one faces this problem, try to find a cure before it is too late. Depression symptoms include lose of interest in life, isolation, body aches, pains, suicidal thoughts and dullness. Such people may see a steady weight gain, sleep more during the day, remain awake at night, abuse alcohol, and feel anxious.

Vitamins for Depression

At times, vitamins for depression can be a good way to combat the symptoms and cure the sadness. It is as simple as taking a capsule. Just like fever and flu, you can take vitamins and capsules for extreme cases of depression. Most of the vitamins for depression are available over the counter. You can also make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your symptoms and health condition. Accordingly, your doctor can recommend or prescribe good vitamins and medications for depression.

How to Fight Depression

You can fight depression by changing your lifestyle. Become more active, get a pet or join volunteer work after college or office hours. Interact and socialize with friends, family or even neighbors. You can also fight depression with vitamins. Take vitamin b12 or Vitamin D every day. These are available over the counter and do not require a doctor prescription. You can take one capsule per day or as mentioned in the label.

Vitamin B1 for Depression

Hormonal imbalance or wrong chemistry of hormones causes depression. You can take vitamins to cure and combat depression. During depression, there is fatigue, aches and exhaustion. Vitamin B1 can help to cure such fatigue and aches. It also alleviates insomnia and helps to sleep well through night.

Vitamins and Depression

Vitamins B5, B6, B12 are also good for curing depression. These vitamins help to reduce anxiety, increase the amount of the brain chemical that helps to be cheerful and less anxious. You also feel less moody and more energetic. Vitamin B12 improves the nerves function while B6 helps to reduce stress, improves appetite and makes you more tolerant.

Vitamin D and Depression

Sunlight is the source of life for plants, animals and humans. If you observe carefully, we all feel dull and moody during constant cloudy days. Monsoon weather seems depressing while a sunny day keeps us more cheerful and lively. Vitamin D is a supplement for the same. In places with no or less sun exposure, doctors prescribe vitamin D to the patients. Vitamin D helps to reduce depression. If you live in a place with ample sunlight, spend a few hours in the sun. Go for a walk, bike or sit in the sun. Exposure to early morning sunrays is very good for the health.

Natural Cures for Depression

It is possible to find natural cures to depression. Remember, it is all in your mind. Now that you know, hormones in the brain cause depression, you only need to find a way to beat that. Think positive thoughts, do not take too much stress and have fun. Take a vacation with friends or family. Join a health club or swim. Take some hobby classes or speech therapy classes.

Change your diet and lifestyle. Eat foods that boost the immune system and keep you energetic. Add some vitamin drinks and vitamins to your meal. Eat more berries and greens. Try to be more active. You can try some exercise or walking every day. Instead of watching television at home after work, go out and enjoy the natural beauty. Take a small hike or try to volunteer. All these will help you beat depression and feel good about life. There is a lot to accomplish and it is good to help someone than remain in depression and sulk about nothing.


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