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The Seven R steps of Ascending Towards Gods Embrace

August 17, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 1247

Following the earlier article “The Seven S Steps of the Prodigal Son Towards Starvation”, here comes the article of hope, telling you how the prodigal son could rise up from his most ignominious state of life and return to the embrace of his beloved father. The seven R steps of return to glory are the hopeful steps that everyone is expected to go through to reach the most affectionate embrace of the Eternal Father.


“The Seven Steps of the Prodigal Son Towards Starvation” started with the first step of selfishness are the stages of weakness that every human passes through. A sinful state is a separation from the love of God. It is also a state of constant discontent which leaves a vacuum in man and makes him restless. There is always a constant push in every human to attain peace and satisfaction. This attitude pushed sages of the past in search of answers for the riddles of life. It is this peace of mind and soul that every religion tries to provide with its dogmas and teachings.

Jesus narrates how the Prodigal Son returned to the embrace of his father. His return had SEVEN ASCENDING STEPS.

1) Realization

Away from all bonds of love, the prodigal son felt his terrible loneliness. His money is gone. His friends who sought him only for his wealth have abandoned him. He became penniless and was unable to have any kind of pleasure. He was so poor that he had to beg for food. He could not eat even the feed that was given to the pigs.
He realized why he is not wanted there anymore. He felt deeply his unloved, unwanted and unaccepted condition. He starved in his body, mind and soul. He was sad to the extreme.
It was at that pitiable condition that he had a flash of reality in his mind. The servants in his father’s house had plenty to eat and had nothing to worry about. Something from his innermost heart told that he should not have left his father. He REALIZED something.

2) Repentance

The prodigal son felt very much how he had to suffer because he separated himself from his father. When he was with his father, he had everything to enjoy. He had real love and friendship which he lost when he came away from his father. He was extremely sorry for his mistake. He felt the vacuum of love. Repentance first starts from inside. He REPENTED in his heart.

3) Resolution

The prodigal son realized and felt sorry for his mistake. He decided to go back to his father’s house. He decided to go back there, whether his father accepts him back or not. Even if his father did not accept him back, he decided to accept any punishment that he might give him. He RESOLVED not remain in that ugly situation.

4) Return

The prodigal son returns from his slavery. Once decided to go back, he did not hesitate to stay back. Immediately he started his return journey. He had nothing in his hand. He suffered a lot to reach his house. He had to bear all troubles and sarcastic remarks from every side. But he did not mind them. He had only one goal-- to go back to his father’s house. He took the strong step to RETURN to his father.

5) Reconciliation

The reconciliation scene is the climax of the story. The son had a picture of reaching his father’s house. But what he had imagined was quite different from what actually happened. He never imagined that his father would be so loving. He never thought he would accept him. He could not believe when the father ran towards him while he was still far away and smothered him with such a great affection. The father did not even allow the returning son to say the words of repentance that he had already in his mind. Even before he opened his mouth to say, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you; I am no longer worthy to be called your son; treat me as one of your hired servants,” his father threw his arms around his neck and overwhelmed him with affectionate kisses. Oh, the great scene of RECONCILIATION!

6) Reclothing

Father was so compassionate that he was very sorry to look at the dirty and torn rags of his son. He immediately ordered for changing his son’s unclean rags. Within seconds, he ordered his servants to bring the finest robe and cover him with a beautiful dress. RECLOTHING was the first expression of the most loving father who never thought about his son’s demand for partition or his separation. The father was unmindful of every mistake that the prodigal son had committed.

7) Royal reception and Rejoicing

The prodigal son would have never expected that he would receive such a royal reception for which he was not at all worthy. Erasing the memory of his lost inheritance, the loving father restores the dignity with a greater level. Does the putting the ring of recognition, robe of power and the sandal of authority remind us the royal promotion of Joseph in the Old Testament? A never imagined ROYAL RECEPTION!

The feast of rejoicing was so great, astonishing everyone. Who can expect such a feast for the return of the ungrateful and dissipated son? The fattened calf, reserved for the happiest occasion, highlights the affection of the REJOICING father, who never reproved him for his rebellion and recklessness.

The story of the returning prodigal son-- with the SEVEN ASCENDING “R” STEPS OF RETURN-- explains well the great love of the Eternal Father. God knows all our weaknesses. He never bothers about the human merits and rewards on this earth, but only looks at us as His most affectionate CHILDREN! He is always ready to embrace them.



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