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Weight Loss Pills and Natural Weight Loss Products

August 17, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 751

Do weight loss pills work? Is it safe to use weight loss pills? Many people do use doctor prescribed weight loss pills. However, weight loss pills may not be totally safe for everyone. If you have a medical history of gallbladder operation, hypertension or diabetes, you may not be able to use such weight loss pills.


Exercise and a healthy diet surely help to lose weight. However, people want fast results when it comes to weight loss. There is huge demand for weight loss supplements, weight loss pills and protein supplements. Every day, some new brand launches a weight loss pill or weight loss products. Each product claims to be genuine, safe and convinces consumers of maximum weight loss with regular use. Some such brands are sense, nutrisystem and so on. Some of them work while others do not. Yet, as we see the weight loss pills and advertisements, there is some temptation to try them and lose weight fast.

Weight loss pill

You can buy many different brands of weight loss pills over the counter. You do not need a doctor’s prescription for them. These pills are available at any pharmacy or a retail mart. Some pills are for weight loss, others claim to reduce belly fat while some more products are available to burn fat and result in weight loss. Is a weight loss pill that effective? Can you lose weight if you pop a pill or two in a day?

Not all diet pills are safe even if they are over the counter. Many weight loss pills do not have an FDA approval and can have harmful side effects such as liver damage, heart problems and so on. It is better to check for the labels and read online reviews about such weight loss pills before purchase. This will help you to avoid the pills, which have recalls due to health risks.

Best weight loss pill

Ideally, best weight loss pill would be one that has an FDA approval. An FDA approved diet pill is safe and probably more effective than those without the FDA approval are. Some weight loss pills require regular use for a long time while others are for a short time use until you see the weight loss result.

FDA approved phentermine weight loss pill is a hunger suppressant or suppresses the appetite. This may be good for people suffering from obesity and excess weight. You need to take one pill before the mealtime. This pill is not good for people with drug or alcohol abuse history. There are chances that such people will also abuse the use of this appetite suppressant pill.

Xenical is another weight loss pill with FDA approval. It requires doctor’s prescription. This is for a limited or short time pill. You need not use it for longer time. Take a Xenical pill before consuming a fatty meal. It helps to burn fat and lose weight. Alli is an over the counter supplement instead of Xenical. Alli is safe for people over the age of 18. With these medications, always include a multivitamin capsule. People with gallbladder problem should not take this pill.

Meridia appetite suppressing pill is good for weight loss if you have high cholesterol. You can take it before or after eating any food. This means, you can take Meridia pill even on empty stomach. Meridia helps patients with high cholesterol and those who have a risk of developing hypertension. Once you have a diagnosis of hypertension, you cannot take Meridia. This weight loss pill is also not free from side effects. It can cause eating disorder, flu, respiratory problem and lack of sleep.

Natural Weight Loss Pills

Natural weight loss pills may be safer than the medication supplements. Well, you may not be totally right to assume the same. Moreover, herbal weight loss products and natural diet pills do not have FDA approval at all times. Most of the natural weight loss pills suppress the appetite, work as a laxative or boost the body’s metabolism. All this triggers weight loss. However, for how long can you use such pills for weight loss?

Instead of pills for weight loss, you can try natural weight loss remedies. You can consume green tea, eat more fiber rich foods and you can even try Metamucil. It is a fiber supplement. Even organic protein powders can be a good snack supplement for weight loss.

Safe Diet Pills

Slim pills and weight loss pills are not sufficient to lose weight effectively. You need to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Even with prescription for weight loss pills, there can be harmful side effects. The best way to lose weight and maintain a stable weight chart is to work out and be more active. You may find it easy to pop a few pills or sprinkle some weight loss powder on your food. However, in long term, it may only cause negative side effects.


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