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Eating Disorders and Anorexia among Kids and Teens

August 17, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 610

Eating disorder has become a common thing among kids and teens. Stress, peer pressure and slim figure cause kids and students to starve, throw away lunch and suffer from eating disorders. They think the best way to lose weight is by not eating meals.


These days, you frequently hear about diets, weight gain and weight loss. Wherever you go, you surely come across these topics. People either discuss weight gain problems at work, in college or in social gatherings. Even teens and adolescents suffer from this issue. There is much outcry about losing weight, looking slim and thin as a reed. For this, people with diet, starve and give up food, in order to look thin. They forget that all that can lead to eating disorders and health problems.

Eating disorders are common among female population. Most teenage girls want a perfect figure and wish to look skinny. For this, they throw their lunch, avoid food and skip meals. Such people will also exercise a lot and starve themselves to look skinny. Using laxatives, inducing vomiting and fasting are also common symptoms of eating disorders.

At the outset, skinny people seem confident and cool . However, in reality, they suffer from low self-confidence and stress. They look like achievers but have a low opinion of themselves. They want to please everyone and look cool. In the process, they become anorexic and suffer from health problems.

Some people suffer from bulimia. This causes them to indulge in too much food at a time. Later, they starve themselves to lose weight. For this, they take laxative pills, over exercise and vomit. This can happen in adolescents and teens.

Depression , guilt and isolation also cause eating disorders. Such people remain aloof, eat to feel comfort and suffer from acute depression. This is common in both female and male population. Leaving parents and moving on their own can also trigger these conditions.

Many students take to laxatives, over exercise and diet plans. They use pills to lose weight, medication for depression and starve to lose weight. In this process, they forget the importance to eat a balanced diet to remain healthy. Due to starvation and over medication, such people face several health risks like anorexia, depression, heart troubles and more.

People with obesity also suffer a lot. They face constant rebuke and comments about their weight. Hence, they either resort to fasting or begin to binge. Either way is bad for health and only worsens the condition.

To solve the problem of eating disorders , parents need to help and guide their kids. If parents begin to eat healthy and lead an active lifestyle, the kids can follow the same. Parents and kids can do some outdoor activities together. This helps to exercise as well as find time to bond as a family. Love and care can help to cure eating disorders. Instead of eating junk food and feeling guilty later, you can pack family picnic basket with healthy snacks and meals.

Consult the family physician if you or a family member suffers from eating disorders. Do not neglect it as a minor problem. Track your child’s eating plans and measure their weight frequently. Ask them about their lunchtime, what they ate and so on. Lack of communication at home can also cause eating disorders.


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