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Criticism ruins your Marriage and Relationships

August 19, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 813

It is easy to find faults but very tough be the perfect spouse. If you do not like somethings, discuss with your spouse rather than criticizing. Being a constant critic or a nagging spouse can ruin your marriage.


It is easy to ruin any relation if you constantly criticize. The same happens in a marriage. The easiest way to break ties with the spouse is by constantly criticizing and finding faults. It is not possible to never fight or have a disagreement. However, whenever possible, try to avoid a fight or an intense argument with your spouse. If you adjust and keep your spouse happy, it is not a bad thing. Do not worry what other people think; it is important to keep your spouse happy so that you have a happy home. You do not need other people’s opinions to know about how to behave with your spouse.

Marriage means living with another person, knowing their likes and dislikes and making adjustments. The other person also does the same thing to keep you happy. In such case, avoid fighting and criticizing over silly issues. If you do not agree with something, discuss it in a cool and calm manner. You need not scream and shout to make your point. When you scream, it only makes matters worse. During such fights, you say many things you do not mean and it does hurt your spouse a lot. Such memories remain for a long time and only sour the marital relations.

Constant criticism makes marriage difficult. The spouse does feel sad about constant nagging and criticism. When a person marries, he or she looks forward to a happy life with the spouse. He or she wants a caring and loving spouse. No one wants a constant critic or a nag. If you cannot change yourself for others, you should not expect others to change for you.

Try to be more supportive, loving and caring, instead of being a nag or a critic. When you marry, you live together with a person. So far, you live with your siblings and parents. Marriage means sharing life with a person who you know for a fewer years or maybe even a stranger. Hence, you both need time to adjust and know about each other. The new person will take time to learn about your mentality, likes and habits. Sometimes, even your siblings, friends or parents fail to understand your feelings. Hence, you cannot blame or criticize your spouse for not understanding your feelings. Try not to upset your spouse just because you did not have a good day or a good week. It is a childish thing to do.


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