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Decorating Tips In and Around the House !

August 20, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1431

Decorating a house or even redecorating a room is a lot of fun and also challenging , here are some useful tips ..


Decorating Tips in and around the house

Basement of a house can be the hardest part of a house to decorate. Most of them tend to be dark, gloomy and sometimes damp. Too often they become dumping ground for old furniture and other things you don't want seen on the upper floors .

But with the right light, colors and attention to detail a basement can become just as beautiful as any other room in the house. Whether it functions as a recreation room, an office, a bedroom or an entire apartment - make sure that you put the appropriate thought into your basement and make it a space people will actually want to spend their time in!

1, Start with making it bright and inviting by making the necessary adjustments and additions to have some ceiling lights and spot lights fixed.This is half the problem solved since lighting is an important part of decorating basement space .

2, Paint the ceiling with white paint to make it even more bright since white reflects light .Paint the walls in light shades - pale greens,cream,off white,light blue are good as far as brightness is concerned. Incidentally , if you like brighter colors try to mix and match , by having a couple of walls painted in bright shades of your choice and contrasting the other walls with a matching lighter shade .

3, Once your walls and ceilings are ready Hang a favorite painting or artwork on the wall, which is another great way to incorporate color ,brightness and pattern into a basement.In fact you can add any kind of wall decorating to enhance the look of you basement ,But make sure they are done in an orderly way that is pleasing to the eye !

4, Most basements come with small windows, but one can make the most of it by leaving them open so that you get some light during the day ,alternatively make it more attractive by covering with lace curtains which does not block natural light !

5, Make cupboards and storage units which help you in storing all the stuff that is lying in the basement .This gives you more space since you would want to keep only what is essential and in a more organized manner in your storage units rather than let them lie around. So it is essential to get rid of the stuff that has been around for years to get the maximum usage out of your basement space

6, You can put your old furniture or extra furniture into use here , by giving them a new look by adding a few bright cushions or a new cover .Ideally one must never throw away old furniture , instead find ways to make use of them within your home .Most wooden furniture tend to look more elegant as they grow older !

7, You van have books and a TV installed in your basement and you will have a very peaceful and attractive place to relax ,unwind or laze around after a long day at work or during weekends ..

Making your house look beautiful and inviting is not a difficult task.With a few basic tips one can have a warm and inviting home e .

1, Never have clutter around your home, keep it simple and clean.A clean house looks warm and inviting.Clutter in the sitting room has a negative effect on your mind , so also a cluttered and inefficient kitchen.Make some necessary changes and keep your kitchen clean and hygienic all the time.When you get into the habit of keeping things in their places after use ,it becomes easier to keep the house uncluttered.

2, Old tables can be polished or sand papered to get a new look and covering the top with a clear glass sheet not only protects the surface but also gives it an elegant look .Keep a framed photograph of your choice and a vsae of flowers on the table and you will find that it becomes the center of attraction !

3, Try to have easy to wash curtains made from materials like linen and pastel synthetics if you are living in warm places since they need to be washed often .It is practical to have two layers of curtains, a sheer one and a slightly heavier one, that can be drawn after the sunset, for the night time !

4, When you come across attractive looking bottles , clean them,and remove any stickers or labels and store them in your cupboard.You can arrange flowers or leaves and keep them all together at a strategic point in your sitting room or at different parts of your house for a fresh and natural look.

5, When you have very few furniture make do with floor mats and add a few large,medium and small sized cushions with brightly colored covers...not only comfortable but very attractive to look at as awell !

6, Make use of every little open space that you can when you live in an apartment, like the front door and entrance porch or a balcony,a kitchen window...You can keep some rocks and a couple of plants to change the entire look of your little place.Plants need very little space and it is very easy to have at least a couple of plants around you to make the atmosphere healthier !


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