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Why not to sit in a particular posture for a long time?

August 21, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 845

The rigmarole of everyday life hardly gives us an opportunity to do things the way it should be done. We are getting more prone to problems like back, neck and hip aches. It''''''''s high time now to look beyond things and follow proper methodologies of life so that we could live a happier tomorrow.


People and pain

We have to sit long hours in front of the computers when we are in office. The very nature of modern desk work in various offices are such that one cannot avoid sitting long hours gazing at these. Some of us even in our leisure or holidays cannot avoid sitting in front of our laptop or personal computers for long hours. This is more so because nowadays we are also associated with different sites and there, too we have certain online responsibilities which we need to do regularly together with our offline duties and responsibilities. All these result in acute pain at the back of neck, backbone and hips. Apart from this we often face severe head-aches which of course adds to our agony and pain. Not only the aged but the youths of our modern generation is also very much affected with this. Though these problems may appear simple in nature but believe me these are not easy to get away with.

Spine surgery

Problems related with neck, back and hip does not require surgery very often. Many of us have got the false notion that spine surgery could lead to paralysis. This really has nothing to do with reality. In the modern medical science treatment processes there are different divisions of spine surgery. In each of these division doctors are given special training. With the help of modern technology treatment is done very easily. Hence, according to the complexities of the patient different types of experts does the spinal surgery .

Types of patient

Normally those patients who suffer from neck problems or pain seek the spinal surgery suggestion. Apart from this, those patients who are aged suffers from spondylitis. This problem become very common after the age of 50. Those women who have the problem of menopause could also get affected with osteoporosis. Even those who suffer from normal neck or hip problems also takes doctor's suggestions. People who could not walk properly also seek doctors help. Sometimes, this also happens because of obesity. Even those who are young goes to the experts for the problems related with back and hips due to improper sitting habits. This could even happen if one does not follow proper sleeping habits. If the body remains in the same posture for a long time without any movement then this problem may arise.

Signs of back pain

Back pain includes pain in the neck, middle back pain and lower back pain. There are a lot of signs associated with this. The legs become weak and sometimes patients goes through sleepless in the night. Certain diseases and conditions like cancer are also responsible for back pain. It can also happen because of accidents and injury or because of a severe fall.


In the modern treatment process surgery is done very rarely in these problems. First the medical experts try to cure the problem with the help of medicines and with the proper usage of belts. There are many instances of this nowadays when patients are benefited with the help of neck and hip belts. Apart from this, patients are also suggested to do hip, neck and back exercises regularly. In most cases physiotherapy also solves the problem. Surgery is required only when it is perceived that there is a gap between two bones. With the help of bone cement given through injections this problem is solved very easily. Besides, sometimes there is also the need of transplant when it is found that the back spine of a patient is bend. If the bone of the spine breaks then it can be cured without going through the process of transplant. The bone is joined through special bone cement injections . Later, it could be found out if the bones have joined through x-rays. Hence, in most of the cases patients are treated and cured without going through the process of operation.

Things to remember:

*. Doing regular exercise is a must. One cannot remain at home only sleeping and sitting because it would only aggravate the situation. One must avoid inactivity and try to be active regularly as much as possible.

*. One needs to walk regularly for sometime. This should be a must in the to-do-list.

*. If one is above the age of 40 then calcium food supplements or medicines should be taken on a regular basis.

*. One needs to give up smoking and drinking right from the word go.

*. Stay away from medicines and injections that are based on steroids. If one cannot avoid taking them then proper supplements of calcium should be given to the body.

*. Try to remain happy and calm. Though it is very difficult to remain happy and cheerful when one is in deep pain but stats and facts proves the fact that those who remain happy and cheerful recovers faster in comparison to those who remain sad or depressed.

Be alert

Those who suffer from pain in the neck, back and hips 95 percent of them does not require any operations to get cured. This means that in our regular life if we follow certain rules and habits we may have a good control on these problems. Many of us very often end up in eating those food stuffs which we need to avoid or normally we should not have. We should only eat those food stuffs that suit us and in turn our health. We also need to do build up the habit of doing some regular routine exercises. It is always advisable to walk regularly for sometime, doing some sort of physical labor and follow proper methods of diet control. In the past health experts believed that taking rest in these kind of pain may bring in relief but now they have realized that the proper way of recovery from this is to remain active. We may also do our regular activities and house hold works and by being active we would do a lot of good to ourselves. If we are habituated with drinking liquor or smoking we must take the initiative to leave these for the sake of our well being. The proper and healthy ways of living is always a deciding factor how well we recover from diseases and conditions.


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