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Underarm Odor and How to Stop Armpit Sweat

August 21, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1793

How do you tackle underarm odor and stop armpit sweat? Millions of teens and adults suffer from the problem of body odor and armpit odor. No remedy seems to work and all antiperspirants seem to be ineffective. Here are some simple remedies for underarm odor.


Armpit sweat and underarm smell is not new to most of us. There seems to be no reason for the uncomfortable underarm sweat. You take a shower, apply powder or antiperspirants and yet, the problem of underarm sweating and underarm smell never seems to go away. You stop wearing well fitting clothes or sleeveless tops just to avoid the embarrassment of underarm odor. Is it possible to stop armpit sweat?

Underarm Smell

Why do the underarms smell? Some dress colors even show a sweaty patch around the armpits. The armpits remain closed and have little exposure to air. Hence, the problem of sweaty armpits persists. When the skin’s bacteria mix with sweat, it results in sweaty armpits and underarm odor.

Among certain people, there is a pungent underarm odor. It almost smells like dead fish. This is due to the consumption or over consumption of choline. People who eat too much of legumes, fish, eggs or liver foods, face this pungent underarm odor problem. The simple way to get rid of it is to cut down on these foods.

How to Stop Underarm Sweating

Here are simple steps to stop underarm sweating. After a shower, do not vigorously rub your underarms. Spread your towel on the bed and lie down, spreading your legs and arms. This will cool off your underarms and sweaty areas. Then, after you are dry, apply some deodorant or antiperspirant. Wear your clothing and head out for the day. Wearing cotton clothes helps to reduce the underarm sweat and odor.

Stop Armpit Sweat

For unbearable underarm odor, consult your doctor or dermatologist. Your doctor can prescribe a medical antiperspirant for your problem. For regular underarm odor and sweat, you can use the deodorants available in market. Baby powder is also a good product to get rid of body odor and armpit sweat. You can wear two light tops or shirts to stop the underarm sweat patch.

Stop Sweaty Armpits

Hot shower may cause underarm odor. Try to end the shower with cool or cold water. Cold water closes the pores of your skin. Thus, there is less sweat and you get relief from body odor. Too tight clothes in summer or monsoon can aggravate underarm odor. You can also keep a pack of wet tissues in your bag. When possible, gently wipe the armpits with the wet tissue and reapply some antiperspirant. Too much underarm hair will add to the problem. Use an organic underarm hair removal or wax the area. Later, apply baby powder to prevent friction and armpit odor. Never spray a deodorant or perfume to already smelly underarms.

How to make Deodorant

There is plenty of information online for how to make deodorant. You can see videos on YouTube or read articles for this. You can make deodorant at home using natural ingredients. This is a good remedy for people with a sensitive skin. One blog mentions the use of one part of baking soda with six parts of cornstarch. This works as a great homemade deodorant.

Other people advocate the use of essential oils along with cornstarch and baking soda. You can also apply some lime or lime rind on underarms before or during your shower. It will keep the armpits smelling fresh and odorless.

Best Deodorant for Women

Be it men or women, best deodorant is one without aluminum. The use of aluminum in deodorants can cause skin problems, respiratory diseases and so on. Try to avoid the use of such cosmetics. You can use Adidas wetness control deodorant, clinical strength brand, Nivea or any antiperspirant that works in dry and wet conditions. If you sweat while you swim, you should use antiperspirant that works underwater too.

Natural Deodorants

If you sweat as you think of chemical deodorants, do not worry so much. You can buy natural antiperspirants and natural deodorants for body odor and armpit sweat. Burt’s Bees has herbal products and they are quite effective too. You can try Burt’s Bees herbal antiperspirant spray. This product has natural herbs like sage, lavender and lemon. All these are best cures for sweat and body odor. Arm and Hammer also has herbal deodorant. It contains chamomile and other herbal ingredients. Dermalogica’s environment control is popular product for underarm sweating.

Thus, you can use natural antiperspirants to tackle the problem of underarm odor. We tend to sweat a lot during summer or during exercise, physical activities and outdoor activities. Wear cotton clothing and never forget your antiperspirant if you suffer from the problem of armpit sweats.


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