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Tips to Feel Happy about Your Appearance

August 21, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 626

Do not fret over your appearance and personality. Crying over spilled milk does not help anyone. Instead, work to improve your look. Try to be smart and fit. Here are some tips to help you feel happy about your appearance.


Appearance matter the most, does it not. Do you not worry about how you look? Most men and women have mixed feelings about the way they look. Models on magazine covers and fashion websites or shows look too perfect. We look at such models and feel low about our own appearance, figure and personality. Do not fret, most of the magazines and websites use photoshop and other digital imaging software for the perfect look. Even the most famous actor or model can have a bad hair day!

Beauty and Beholder

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Well, that is what the literature deems true. Sadly, in reality, beholders look for typecasts of their favorite ramp model or actors. Hence, it is a losing ground is it not? It is not possible for everyone to look drop dead gorgeous. Yet, it does not mean you are the beast who wants a kiss from the beauty to transform from a frog to a charming personality! Be happy with your appearance and things will look good. It is important to be happy with what you have and work to improvise on it.

Diet and Personality

While you should be happy with your appearance, it definitely negates the possibility of gorging a bunch of fries, cheeseburgers and gulping a gallon of sodas. Nope, you have to eat healthy in order to work on your personality. Sure, you can sneak in a piece of cake or a bite of chocolate but eat right through the day. Grab more vitamins and minerals, protein and good carbohydrates to improve your curves.

Workout at the Gym

Yes, you have to exercise to get that smart look. When you sweat at the gym and take a shower, you have a different image of yourself. You feel light and fit. As a result, you are happy with yourself and your body. Trust me; you surely come out of the gym with a slight smile on your face. While you look happy, you do get a positive response from people around you. Sweating out at the gym is also a great way to vent up the frustration and frowns. Think of the worst moments of the day and run faster on the cardio-machine.

Re-invent your Personality

What do you like about your body and yourself? You hair, eyes, smile or it can be anything else. Work on the good factors and improve it. Wear nice accessories with the dress, buy a nice purse or bag for work and go for a nice pair of footwear. All this can help to accentuate your personality.

Never compare with others

Comparison always kills your feelings, especially if you are on the inferior side. Never compare yourself with others. God made every person different and have respect for the individuality. No one is flawless and perfect. Some have a high temper, others have a bad attitude, some have ego while others have depression. Hence, feel good with what you have and work on it.

Overall, be happy with your personality. These days, we have spas, beauty salons, dermatologists, nutritionists and fitness experts. You can approach any or most of them to work on your personality. You can shop for better fitting clothes, wear simple makeup and look gorgeous within minutes. You are unique and be proud of your personality.


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