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Green Politics; Need of the Hour

August 22, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 829

Politicians shoud have a clear vision about the on going developments. it should not affect our nature and environment. Green Politics, the new stream of Politics in India


Political parties play an important role in democracy. In its original form a democracy is a fight between the ideologies of different political parties. However it has degenerated to idol worship in certain countries. General public has developed a tendency to vote for their favorite leader instead of his or her ideologies. This made democracy a fight between personalities.

But, when we take democracy in its core, it is necessary for all the political parties to prepare a clear and vivid manifesto and policies. This will be happened with a series of discussions between the leaders and taking opinion from the followers. The need of the public may differ from one place to other and even one person to other in sometimes. Here it is the ability of the leaders to satisfy the followers that put to test. They are bound to prepare a policy that will satisfy the most and at the same time it will not be against the interest of the majority.

Development or more clearly the financial development is the one everyone looks for and it is the responsibility of the party that is being vote to rule to make this development in an effective way. Whenever we think about development, the first thing comes in our mind will be industrialization. Certainly it is something that is inevitable for a stable development, but at the same time industrialization should not affect our environment and nature.

Here is the importance of green politics. Green Politics is a practice where the political parties follow certain code of conduct while making out their policies and manifestos. This strictly bars them from destroying forests or such natural things for the sake of industrialization. This will again demand certain criteria which the industries should meet to avoid or at least minimize the pollution of natural resources. This also ensures limited use of ground water for industrialization.

Though, green politics is being in the cards for quite a long time, nobody was practicing it in India. Recently it gained importance in the Nelliyampathy issue which is creating a lot of troubles for the ruling front there. Some MLAs of Congress party which is leading the ruling front has come openly criticizing the decision taken by the government for filling up paddy fields for other purposes. They even object the proposal of allowing those who have taken forest land for cultivation to retain the land even after the expiry of the lease contract. Some of such people have violated the certain conditions of the lease contract. Some have pledged these leased properties in nationalized banks to avail loan and some have sold this land to third persons.

Mr. K.B.Ganesh Kumar, the forest minister of Kerala was firm on his stand that the department should take back all the land as the lease contract expires. However, the government chief whip and leader of Kerala Congress, another constituent of ruling front came against this suggestion and demanded that those who have taken this land for cultivation on lease should allow keeping it with them for life. As a solution the ruling United Democratic Front decided to appoint a committee to review the matter.

Mr. P. C. George, who was a member of that sub committee, has written an article in a mainstream Malayalam daily in support of the people who have taken the land on lease, well before the committee submitting its report. This has affected the credibility of the committee and the MLAs Mr. V.D.Satheesan and T. N. Prathapan came openly against Mr. George.

The trouble has intensified with the involvement of KPCC President and KPCC spokes person who came up with totally different opinions. When the president supported congress MLAs spokes person was in favor of George.

Whatever may be the effects of these fights on the ruling front, the silver line of hope that came out of this incident is that there are some people who are ready to take green politics as a serious issue. There are quite a few political leaders who are aware about the importance of keeping the environment neat and clean and to protect the nature. If this movement can catch up nation wide, including all political parties, certainly we can witness a tremendous change in our life.


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