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Some common disasters and measures to prevent them

August 23, 2012  by: Hakimuddin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.10   Views: 1297

We loss many lives and natural resources in different disasters every year. Some disaster are due to human mistake and we can prevent them only by following some rules. In this article I providing information of some common disaster and measures to prevent them.


What is disaster?

Disaster is a calamity either natural or which occur due to human mistake. Disaster results into loss of lives and natural resources, and ultimately the people suffer. All such incidents that put the human society into trouble and human beings feel insecure, are disasters. Earthquakes, terrorism, floods, storms, drought, land slides, fire, nuclear disaster, chemical disaster, environmental disasters are all examples of different types of disasters.
Common disasters are those events which occur during daily activities and cause harm, like fire, road accident, rail accident etc.


Fire is very dangerous. Numbers of deaths caused by fire are much more than the total number of deaths caused by whirl winds, earthquakes, floods etc. There are many reasons of occurring fire like electrical heater, accidents, while cooking food, wiring , fire in the garbage, explosives etc.

Safety measures to check the fire

•Basic rules to prevent or save from fire and exit doors should always be remembered and followed.
•Do not keep lightly inflammable matter in the house.
•Always keep a fire extinguisher in home and learn to use it and tech it to other members of the family also.
•When you go out please switch off all the gas and electrical gadgets.
•Do not put so many electrical gadgets in one socket.
•In case of fire call the fire brigade immediately, tell them your address, type of fire and place.

Road accidents

Roads are for facilitating easy transportation and service. But drivers drive at a very high speed and carelessly and as a result the number of roads accidents are increasing. Following are the reasons of road accident:
•Violation of traffic rules
•Rash driving
•Driving in drunken state
•Improper maintenance of road, so also of vehicles.

Safety measure to be taken:

•Start driving only when you are competent to drive.
•Know the road signs and follow them.
•While driving do not increase or decrease the speed of your vehicle abruptly.
•See on both sides of the road while crossing the road.
•Do not try to overtake unnecessarily and at spots where it is not permitted.
•Do not talk on the cell phone while driving.
•While driving a two wheeler, always use helmet.

Rail accidents

Rail accidents usually occur due to lack of maintenance of railway track, and railway engine, bogies etc., human errors, and derailment.

Safety measures to be taken:

•Always pay attention towards the signals and swing barrier. When the gates are closed or barriers are put, do not try to cross the railway line from under the barrier.
•When crossing a railway line where there is an unmanned level crossing, see on both the sides of the railway line to be sure that there is no train / engine up to long distance.
•One should not smoke in the train or carry inflammable materials.
•While travelling do not stand in the entrance gate or lean out from the window or door.
•Use the emergency window to come out in case of accident.
•Do not pull chain unnecessarily.

Plane accidents

During air travel the safety of passenger is affected by many factors. The air travel becomes risky when:
•Fire breaks in the aeroplane.
•If conditions of plane, weather etc are not congenial at the time of landing or take off.
•Tornado occurring in hilly regions.
•Hijacking and bomb attack.

Safety measures to be taken :

•Listen carefully to the instructions of the pilot and follow them.
•Read the card regarding safety measures carefully.
•Find out in advance the nearest emergency exit door and the way exit door can be opened.
•After sitting, tie the seat belt.

Epidemic disasters

Epidemics cause economic loss and disintegration of the society. The people most affected by epidemic are, the ones suffering from malnutrition, living in unhygienic atmosphere, water supply system is bad, health facilities are poor and whose immune system is weak. If A place has been affected by a natural calamity like volcano, flood, whirlwind, tsunami earlier, there the epidemics create dangerous condition.

Preventive measures :

•It is necessary to extend health facilities from state level to village level. It is also necessary for the health workers, nurses etc to do advance planning and coordinate efforts with other co- worker.
•When it is seen that effect of the epidemic is decreasing then emergency plan for future action should be prepared and a monitoring system should be developed. On the basis of available medicines, laboratories, doctors and supporting staff, a list of available personnel should be prepared so that they can be deployed when and where necessary.
•Training should be imparted to concerned staff at all levels with regard to the epidemic and safety measures. The training will help in capacity building of the staff and their services can be utilized.
•Vaccination will help save people and minimize the effect of the disease.
•The carriers of disease should be destroyed by improving sanitation, find out breeding centres of disease carriers, smoke treatment, spray of insecticides, improvement in the waste disposal system and keeping the sources of water supply pollution free, are some of the preventive steps.


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