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First aid a must

August 28, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health    Views: 558

First aid is the best aid in unforeseen circumstances. You may not be aware when something goes wrong on your life journey. Accidents have become very common in our modern fast lifestyle. A first aid kit should be your best companion at any time.


Matt became mad searching for just a band aid, while he was trying to stop the bleeding of his little daughter Marissa. He could not bear the fresh drops of blood. Marissa was bleeding with a foot injury and was screaming in pain.

You would have never thought that such a thing would happen in your life. When you cut your finger accidentally and see fresh blood, you become panic. Then only you think of some simple things you need at stock. Yes, a first aid kit is a must for everyone. First aid kits are necessary not only for homes, but also for business corporations, public places, etc. Availability of a first aid kit is very vital in emergency circumstances. Knowledge of using the first aid kit is equally important.

It is quite essential to have supplies of first aid things, kept in a well-stocked bag. You should know also the place where they are kept so that you may use them properly in any emergency.

Contents of a first aid kit

1) Adhesive bandages
A good amount of adhesive bandages is a must in a first aid kit. You should have bandages, at least 25 in number in assorted shapes and sizes. You should also keep some elastic wraps, gauze rolls and pads along with the adhesive tapes.

2) Antibiotic cleansers
You must have antibiotic cleansers such as hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic solutions to prevent infection. Antiseptic solutions such as alcohol based hand sanitizer should be there to be used to clean your hands before and after treating injuries.

3) Pain and irritation relievers
Bug bites or rashes caused by insects or plants, etc. are common problems that need immediate attention. You can keep some common pain or irritation relievers. Solutions such as calamine or aloe vera can help you greatly.

4) Some emergency tablets
Some medicines such as aspirin and painkillers can help you and give you immediate relief. But you should take care that they may not be misused by children.

5) A manual to guide you
It is not enough just to have a first aid kit. You should know how to use it or there should be a person who knows about using it. Nowadays, you can get free information about first aid from many sources. They are easily available in the Internet. You can download and keep them ready for use. You should also have the contact numbers of rescue places and easily available medical people.

First aid kit may seem to be simple and unnecessary. Accidents may happen at any place at any time. A first aid kit can save lives in emergency.


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